Trademark filings discovered for Healthbook, HealthKit and iResearch


With Apple’s WWDC keynote now just a few days away, speculation regarding what the company will announce on Monday is heating up. We saw the iOS 8 and OS X banners earlier today, and now we have some mysterious trademark filings.

The folks over at MacRumors have discovered several trademark applications related to the term ‘Healthbook,’ which is a new app rumored for iOS 8. The documents don’t say they were filed by Apple, but looking at the clues, it’s fairly obvious…

Here’s more from MacRumors’ Eric Slivka:

MacRumors has now discovered several trademark applications related to the Healthbook name, and while information on the applications available online does not directly link them to Apple, circumstantial evidence suggests that they are indeed Apple’s filings. The filings were made earlier this year in Trinidad and Tobago, one of Apple’s favored early trademark filing locations. 

First is a pair of filings protecting Healthbook itself and a two-word variation of Health Book. Rumors and a leaked screenshot have indicated that Apple has been planning to use the one-word variation, but it is understandable that Apple would want to protect both versions. The applications were filed on February 3 of this year, just days after the name was publicly revealed.

Slivka goes on to say that two different trademark applications for ‘Apple CarPlay’ were filed on the same day—about a month before the feature was announced—as the above filings, which adds further weight to the theory that they are Apple’s.

Additionally, several other trademark applications were filed the following day for related terms like ‘HealthKit’ and ‘iResearch.’ It’s not clear what these could be, but Slivka postulates that they could be related to developer and other platform tools.

Healthbook (Main screen 001)Healthbook concept by 9to5Mac

And if that’s not enough proof, it’s worth noting that all of these trademark applications were filed under international classes like ‘computer software,’ ‘medical apparatus,’ jewelry and watches,’ and ‘computer hardware and software development services.’

According to reports, the Healthbook app will resemble Passbook in design, and act as a bank for various health and fitness data. It’s expected to be announced next Monday alongside iOS 8, and should play an integral role in Apple’s ‘iWatch’ project.