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  • chumputy

    why don’t you guys make an app for IOS… ?

    • Maoz Zogravo

      Good idea !

    • Taf Khan

      No need. Just save the IDB Shortcut.

      • Syed

        With an app we can have push notifcatns

      • omrishtam

        and also it would be nice if they had a iOS 7 style app 😀

  • omrishtam


  • Bob

    I want to see an article on Sebastien and want to know more about why/how he came up iDB and the obstacles he had to go though to get the site off the ground. Who agrees?

    I’d be interested to know how he gathered such a huge user-base in such a relatively short period of time.

    We want a special article on Sebastien, who agrees?

    • I talked a bit about that in the first episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak

    • Jo

      it is on the first podcast they said

  • Question

    YES AN APP!! Please

  • Schryliam

    Lol I don’t get it.
    My battery life lasts the half longet. I can make it untill I go to bed and before just to dinner. I have an iPhone 5, I use a dynamic wallpaper and still don’t notice much difference in battery.

  • Antzboogie

    ios 6 Jailbroken I need my swipe selection, video pane, and my other tweaks 😉

  • omrishtam


  • omrishtam


  • omrishtam

    WE WANT APP!!!

  • omrishtam

    WE WANT APP!!!!

  • omrishtam

    WE WANT APP!!!!!

  • jerard

    Verizon fix the error, i chatted with a rep and he said it was a glitch when i went to order my 5s. i lost my unlimited plan

  • Keith Green

    Should prolly put up there that iOS 7.02 kills the hide your apps glitch.