Nokia Lumia 925 ad (teaser 001)

Apple’s iPhone 5 is far superior to the iPhone 4S/4 in terms of the camera performance in low-light conditions. The industry hasn’t stood still either and has been inching forward since last September’s iPhone 5 debut. Specifically, Nokia’s high-end Lumia smartphones have emerged as the mobile imaging devices to beat.

Its culture rooted in mobile imaging, Nokia felt compelled to challenge Apple’s iPhone with a series of Lumia ads that criticize the Apple handset’s relatively poor low-light performance compared to the Lumia PureView range.

It started with a rather bizarre ice-breaker ‘Zombie’ ad which set the overall tone two months ago. Then came Nokia’s take on Apple’s ‘Photos Every Day’ ad and now two more commercials have arrived to proclaim the Lumias the king of low-light mobile imaging…

Both ads feature friends having a wild time partying and taking random snaps at night.

The following day dudes are having a hard time remembering the last night. No problemo, as one of them pulls out a phone that looks a lot like Apple’s device to check out the snaps. Predictably, they can’t discern a thing until the other guy checks out the party images on his Lumia.

This just came in today.

Another one from a week ago.

That generic handset looks like the iPhone 3GS, no?

I’m speechless.

Don’t get me wrong – I love tongue-in-cheek advertising as much as the next guy – but seriously, whoever did these spots should be fired. I can’t understand how on Earth these commercials are supposed to persuade an average viewer to get up from their couch and buy a brand spanking new Lumia 925.

Needless to say, Nokia is quick to highlight the Lumia 925’s Carl Zeiss Optics, the Optical Image Stabilization feature (wait, what?) and the overall camera performance allowing you to “capture your night like no other smartphone”.

Regardless of where your heart lies, Nokia’s claim isn’t far from the truth.

The Lumia 925 comes outfitted with an 8.7-megapixel PureView camera with a true 1.3-inch 16:9 sensor and f/2.0 aperture, auto focus, a dedicated two-stage capture key, 4x digital zoom, dual-LED flash and more.

As you know, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5S at a media event due September 10.

Gold iPhone shop le monde 2

Featuring the iPhone 5’s two-tone design, the handset is said to bring advancements in the camera department, especially in terms of low-light performance improvements attributed to a tweaked camera design, the rumored inclusion of dual-LED flash, super slow-motion video capture at 120 frames per second and a larger aperture to let more light in.

The rumor-mill is still undecided as to whether Apple will give the iPhone 5S a twelve-megapixel camera or borrow the iPhone 5’s eight-megapixel sensor.

To me, Nokia has always been about build quality, design and mobile imaging. If the new Lumia lineup is anything to go by, Nokia’s unique selling points have hardly changed.

As for these commercials, I’m very much puzzled that Nokia isn’t pitting its latest 41-megapixel Lumia 1020 against the iPhone.

  • M Last

    Nokia sucks & their ads also

  • ClaudieX X

    I still remember the Nokia ad with the girl on a bicycle and her boyfriend supposedly is filming her with a lumia, but in a reflex of a car window you see a fat man with a pro camera on a van. Cheap cheaters

    • Melan

      link to view please?

    • OLI8LFC

      If one of my friends says, his camera on a lumia is much better. I’ll just say, so good that you need a pro camera to film it? LOL

      • ClaudieX X

        hahaha… nokia… nokia… you are so lost….

  • Cesar D

    I read “jobs”

    I miss him.

    • Guest


      • Person


      • Hyr3m


  • Rowan09

    Just tell us why your phone is good and leave the competition alone, they’re hoping they get the Samsung treatment and people will start paying attention. The problem though is that all they talk about is their camera, while I use my camera on my iPhone 5 for work everyday, I never use it at night much so this low light thing is useless to me. If people want a camera they will buy one, Nokia needs to focus on some other features to be successful.

    • Jay Kay

      Nokia want people to live their lives in night.

      • Rowan09

        These phones are best for Vampires guess that’s why they did the zombie thing at first, they meant to use vampires love our phones.

    • Fritz vonMaybach

      Nokia is already successful, it owns atleast 10,000 patents and Nokia makes alot of money from licensing its technology to Apple and Samsung, among others. So a portion of their profits have to go to Nokia any way. Look it up.

      • Rowan09

        Because Nokia is successful doesn’t mean they can lose that success. Look at Blackberry, Palm, and the list goes on. I don’t have any problem with Nokia but I’ve never seen anyone around me in NY, whether its Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx or Brooklyn with a Nokia phone. Nokia is in the phone selling business not just licensing technology. Apple license tech to Nokia as well so it goes both ways, but no one would say Apple is fine with just licensing tech and not selling phones.

      • Fritz vonMaybach

        And what tech is that, that Nokia leases from Apple.
        And Nokia Sells Phones, Just because you have only been hearing the US sales figures, Not global figures of either Lumia or Asha Phones or Networking solutions or Mapping solutions, or its Garmin navigation systems.
        I have seen loads of people around me with Nokia phones.
        And PS being a Nokia Investor, watching the numbers and company data is very important to me. I am very informed in this market.

      • Rowan09

        Numbers please? They license “List Scrolling and Document Translation, Scaling, and Rotation on a TouchScreen Display”. I didn’t check for any other patent Apple may be licensing to them. I never said Nokia doesn’t make money but it obviously isn’t the company it use to be in terms of phone sales. These commercials are dumb because all it talks about is a camera and then what else?

  • Rupinder S

    The more I see it, the more I’m starting to like the Champagne color.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    To be fair the Nokia Lumias do have good cameras but then the Nokia Lumia phones are all relatively new (the 925 from this particular advert was only released may this year) compared to the iPhone 5 which was released almost a year ago (it will be one year ago next month) so should we really be surprised that a newer phone has a better camera? It would be a big disappointment, almost an insult on Nokia’s behalf if their newer phones did not have better cameras than an older phone…

    • Kurt

      But last years cam, the 920 was better than the iphone 5. Not only in image quality, but it has real image stabilization. Not the faux IS that we have that doesnt work at all.

      • mehrab

        Lol i laught at you”re 920 better then the iphone 5. You”re wrong. The 925 however does beat it in some conditions but the 920 does not the 920 has problems focusing on lights on low light conditions for e.g taking a picture of the effiel tower at night when its glowing with lights. Daylight pictures look weird on it the colors are just muted. Video stabilization is horrible on it. See more just youtube “iphine 5 vs nokia lumia 920 camera”

      • Kurt

        Check out the article on here, on IDB, it clearly proves iphone 5 is inferior. But keep living in your little world where Apple is number 1 in everything. At least try to be more honest for your own sake.

      • mehrab

        That one picture. That ONE FRGGIN PHOTO!! Are you like whats wrong with you like seriously? One picture does not mean its a better camera overall if you see the video i recommended maybe you”ll understand but no you know its better bcos of that one picture nice good for you. You have a bold future ahead of you

      • Kurt

        Stop being dumb. Why would I sit and list all of the articles and videos that show iphone 5 has a great camera but not as good as the 920? So you get all mad because I prove my case with one article and not 1,000. I’m not going to find all the articles and videos all over YouTube that prove it. Stop being an Apple Fanboy and start begin honest. You truly are beyond pathetic. Enjoy your dark night time shots and enjoy your shaky videos and keep thinking you have the best camera that is better than DSLRs. Really you are right, They should start producing hollywood movies with an iphone. Pathetic troll you are.

      • mehrab

        Never said anything of that sort. I actually tested my self. The phones their performance camera and all. All you have is an iphone 4s?. There is no phone that has the video stabilization capabilities that the iphone 5 has. Im not being a fanboy. You”re judging a phone by seeing it pit againt one photo and you never even owned one. Which is pretty pathetic if you ask anyone. This video on youtube is “nokia lumia 929 vs iphone 5 by techfeed. Watch it then comment.

      • Kurt

        Like I said before. I’ve seen so many videos and articles. But again you said, “one photo” you are an idiot or a troll. I’m gonna going with a troll. Obviously you know how to read so you know you are a liar. Trolls like you are a dime a dozen.

      • mehrab

        Yes im such a troll. For saying the truth. You didn’t if you did you wouldnt have said that. The 920 is not a better camera then the 5 in daylight/night/video. It is better in low light

      • Fritz vonMaybach

        What about the Lumia 1020? Does the iPhone have a better camera than that?

      • mehrab

        The lumia 1020 has a huge bulk on its back (huge advantage) and its a camera phone (feature phone) all reveiwers on youtube is saying the 5s”s camera is second to the lumia 1020 which is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT see every reveiw of it you can or see comparisons with its camera vs the lumia 1020

      • Fritz vonMaybach

        But it still cant match the 1020 right?

      • mehrab

        Colors wise it beats it in most cases flash wise (not lowlight) flash seems to have more accurate colors etc on the 5s that 2 places it loses. No fast 10 fps burst no good panorama no slo mo i can have a manual camera from the app store to control my 5s so oh not to mention performance of the camera app is laggish and slow on the nokia so yeah its not as sharp as the nokia but its damn close. Otger then that it rapes the lg g2 gs4,note 3,lumia 925 htc one etc. The lumia 1020 was designed for a camera the iphone 5s was not its a all in one smartphone not a freature phone

      • mehrab

        Explain this? You cant really control exposure on the lumia very well

      • mehrab


      • Fritz vonMaybach

        thats because it is on the wrong setting

      • Hyr3m


  • House4life

    Yes cause usually At night I wait for a car to pass by to take a picture with my iPhone.

  • felixtaf

    lol.. iPhone 3GS or 3G in the video…

  • MnKeByTe

    Nokia Lumia have only good camera. Smartphones are not only cameras

    • Kurt

      They have the best screens. Plus you can still use the screen with any glove on. Get educated on their phones. And start pressuring Apple to copy them. Unless you want an inferior phone.

      • Hyr3m

        Kurt, you are the light of iDB (pun intended). Honestly, when I read the comments in here I’m almost always like “lost faith in mankind”. That’s until I see yours, then I’m like “faith in mankind restored”

      • Kurt

        It’s because you a have pure heart coupled with intellect. It’s a rare breed around here. You have honesty, something I try to replicate. iTards are unable (I expanded upon your comment of ‘tard.) Thank you for helping me to open my eyes to the real world. For that, I am for ever grateful. Of course I’m referring to the two films you suggested me to watch. As I work, I watch/listen to Alex Jones, which I do everyday.

      • Hyr3m


  • misterz

    The Lumia 925 has a 1/3 inch sensor not a 1.3 inch one.

  • Dante Arellano

    How another companies like Samsung can tell me that my iPhone 5 and even my MacBook Air sucks and no just tha they tell me buy their products cux they are cool and amezing.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Lmao wow Nokia if you’re gonna diss Apple use the IPhone 5, not the 3GS. Of course the average viewer is prob dumb enough to believe them.

    • Fritz vonMaybach

      Even if they used the iPhone 5, it would still be no camera match to the Lumia 1020.
      End of.

  • kokeropie

    Used to be a Nokia fans. But I really can’t believe that their ads are so much worse than their products 🙁

  • Jason

    Does Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft really think their ads can sway me from my beloved iOS platform by using Android and Windows as their carrot on a stick? Cheap shots and insulting iOS users aren’t the way to do that either, they all need to fire their marketing teams.

    • Fritz vonMaybach

      They are not insulting Apple, they are just highlighting the fact the iPhone has no real innovation. Because it lags behind the real innovators. It does whatever it can to distract customers from the fact that Apple has little to offer. The iPhone 5s was released with only 3 new features. Does LG still make the screens for the iPhone? A large portion of the tech on an iPhone is the intellectual property of Nokia. And with out that it would just be a very expensive iPod Touch. I am not just talking, it is fact, look it up before you comment. And how many apps does Apple make itself? But I will give it to Apple, they are very good at propaganda.

      • Jason

        I am not a spokesman for Apple and I do not claim that their products are the best at everything they do, if they were we wouldn’t be buying new models every”few years” your arguments are weak and you’re still not proving Nokia can offer me a better experience than Apple from the actual devices to the thousands of developers supplying me with the best apps on the market, I’m not sure what point you are trying to make but you are failing, I am not a victim of brainwashing nor am I weak minded, do not make the mistake of assuming you know better than over 200 million proud iOS users.

      • Fritz vonMaybach

        If you are not sure what point it is that I am trying to make, then how can I be failing. Look, I am not trying to sell you on buying a Nokia Phone, my shares will do well regardless. If you don’t buy a Nokia, then don’t buy. I am just stating the facts, I could care less if you buy a Nokia or not. I just know that Nokia offers the best out of the box, no extra cost experience on the market.
        And I never make assumptions, I only state fact. And I like that you stated that there are 200 million proud iOS users.

        And if I may, I would like to state how many people are using a Nokia product. To start, there are 26.3 million Lumia users, 385 million Symbian users and 1.5 BILLION Nokia Asha users. And there you have it. More than that little 200 million you stated.
        And now for an education. Nokia has never had a problem selling devices in Europe and around the world and in emerging markets. if you have traveled anywhere outside of the US, you are more likely to see a Nokia phone. They are loved for their durability and added value out of the box. Before Stephen Elop became CEO, there was only one or two phones on US carriers. Nokia preferred to sell unlocked devices outside of the US, with US users tending to miss out on Nokia services like Nokia Music Store.
        When Elop took office, he made it a point to push into the US market, despite US carriers need to tamper with the phone. Elop wanted to make deals with US carriers, giving each of them an exclusive device, to sweeten the deal. That is why each carrier has a specially tuned Lumia device. And it is a measured success, Nokia has never sold so many devices in the US before.

        And Nokia knows how to make a good affordable device. The Lumia 521 is a best seller at only $120.
        I don’t think Apple gets the concept, the 5c is supposed to be low cost, geared for emerging markets, but at $549, Apple must be having a laugh.

        I know you think that you think that you are not brainwashed, but I afraid that you are.

      • Jason

        Funny because Nokia only boasts connecting 1,3 billion people with their extensive lineup, however their smartphone market share is a mere 5% don’t give me dumb phone sales figures those things have no profits and their best feature is snake two and a flashlight, a “shareholder” should know that doesn’t mean shit, Symbian and asha figures mean nothing it just pays the bills but the profits are laughable, your ignorance is overwhelming those 200 million I mentioned are all premium products with high profit margins not to mention far superior to Nokia, when they make a phone with more features than a good camera you can come try your argument again.

      • Fritz vonMaybach

        1.3 billion is still more than 200 million proud iOS (not smartphone) users is a direct quote from you. iOS could mean iPod touch or iPad users, if you are in a debate you need to be more accurate in your statements.

        And yes I quoted only smart phone numbers, Nokia Asha Series ARE Smartphones and please note that I haven;t included Maemo 5 smart phone users or Nokia Meego smart phone users, and if you actually knew anything about Nokia you would realised that. And again you seen to think that Nokia only operates in the US when you say 5% market share.
        You should do more research than relying on figures told to you by some website.

        Nokia hasn’t made a feature phone in a very long time now. And the 1.5 billion asha phone was sold to a woman in Brazil, and a milestone shared by everyone involved with Nokia.

        Asha is a smartphone,
        Symbian 3 Belle is a Smartphone OS
        Meego on the Nokia N9 is a smartphone phone/OS
        WP 7.5
        WP 8

        Comparing Apple to Nokia, Nokia is the one with the Larger Portfolio, Apple is still a small company, making only 1 phone.

        Nokia was first to use multi coloured phones. Camera phones and etc, etc.

        You should listen to what a biasmarket is saying the innovator was releasing, The Nokia Asha series, the Lumia series (800, 810, 710, 625, 521, 520, 720, 900, 920, 820, 925, 1020, 822,928), beat Apple in bid with the largest Chinese carrier, and bought out the 50% share that Siemens held in the Nokia Siemens Networks for several billion, and all of the patent license fees. But still because traders and the market at large in the US, had a neutral or negative view of the Finnish company its share price didn’t move.

        Listen mate, I call tell by your photo, that you are someone who always has to be right, and I completely understand.

        But I have countless years of experience in this area. So you should know that I am prepared to continue you on with this for the rest of the year. And I will.

        And I never argue, I simply state the fact.
        And Apple has doesn’t make devices superior to Nokia, don’t be obtuse.
        Apple makes flashing pieces of misdirection.
        Apple also only discovered an 8MP camera with the 4s and by that time the Nokia N8 was being retired after having a 12 MP xenon flash camera.

        With the iPhone 5, Apple only just released its on mapping software, I mean you ended up being lost but that is when they finally came up with mapping software.

        Since Nokia owns Navteq, makers of the Garmin GPS devices, Nokia had very good mapping software on there phones, since the days of the Nokia E71. It seems like a century ago.

        And there are a lot of other things I am prepared to share.

        What Apple has is a good propaganda machine that makes its followers think that it is innovating, but it merely just borrows old tech and give it a fancy name.

        Remember, finger print scanners have been in consumer use for a minimum of 6 years. But manufacturers have run into user issues. and the real reason Apple has decided to use it is because of the poor security of the phone. Some people have been able to by pass the passcode screen.

        The thumb print scanner, that has already been hacked by a group of German hackers, was to answer that. Apple could have used the maze lock, I mean they already borrowed so many other Android features to try to make iOS 7 look better, but it isnt very different.

        So what happens next is you come back at me with a flaccid vocabulary, thinking that you have all of the answers. I laugh and then I inform you. You are not the first.

        So think about this for a while, what would happen if the carriers all decided not to accept Apple’s terms anymore.

      • Jason

        Wow.. You are a sad specimen, I have no interest in continuing this conversation, you are self righteous naive and oh so very bold, to assume you can insult me, my intellect or my vocabulary, you are a sad sad man trolling forums and making long winded arguments that only you find impressive, you insult my vocabulary as being flaccid? You can’t even write a coherent paragraph without talking in circles, I almost feel sorry for you. Feel free to respond, I won’t be replying

      • Fritz vonMaybach

        Bravo, bravo, I have been called many things before, an ass, asshole, jerk, tosser, and even sociopath, but I have never been called a sad specimen before.

        I like the way that you had to announce that you wont be replying, instead of just not replying.

        And to be fair, you attacked my character first.
        So naturally I had to respond in that way. But at least I was a gentleman about it. And just because you have a short attention span, doesn’t make my comment incoherent. And if you remember, you trolled me, I was just making a comment but you had to attack my character and try what I think you call a put down.

        So to recap, you trolled me first, thinking that you would try a put down, but you didn’t realise that you trolled the wrong person.

        The moral of the story is be careful of who you troll.
        And you could also just reply without attacking somebody’s character. I hope that is clear enough for you.

  • @dongiuj

    Remember the tv advert recently about more photos taken with the iphone? Everyone loved seeing that, right!
    Now nokia come out with a better camera (targeting the iphone tv advert about a camera on a phone) every fangirl is trying to play it down like “if you want a better camera go and buy a proper camera” or “I never use my camera at night anyway”.
    Jees, listen to yourselves.

    • Fritz vonMaybach

      That is because the Apple propaganda machine has done its job of Brainwashing the weak minded. And they think that Apple can do no wrong, but hey at least Nokia owns most of the tech on the iphone.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Nokia makes the best hardware and the cameras are top notch. Too bad its running windows. The video is funny by the way. Lol

    • Singed

      I really can’t see reasons why would they choose Windows over Android.
      Maybe they really needed the cash and Micro$oft gave them in exchange for using Windows on their phones, I don’t know,

  • Jay Kay

    Lolzz they think they can sale their shit after doing that.

  • Ghost

    We always can use night mode in ios app don’t we?

    • Fritz vonMaybach

      it is about the shutter staying open longer to capture more light, a night mode wont really help that.

  • Singed

    Gotta love ads where the product isn’t even shown

  • RV

    They won’t have any ad if there’s no iPhone. Poor Nokia

    • Fritz vonMaybach

      And Apple would have an iPhone if Nokia didn’t lease its tech to Apple to make the phone. Every year, Apple pays Nokia to continue to use its intellectual property. Nokia has over 10,000 patents. And before you waste my time with a stupid comment (most people do), please look it up, check it out. and Apple isnt the only company to have to lease Nokia tech.

  • Dan

    I take so many pictures with my phone, I have to admit I’m very tempted by the Nokia Lumia 1020. Only ick for me is that it runs Windows 8.

  • blastingbigairs

    I love how they make it a point to show these guys kissing woman, but we all know those guys slept together after that naked swim in the ocean. GAY!!!!!

  • Fritz vonMaybach

    All ads are trying to get you to buy something, regardless, even those vague Apple ads