Now that we have the official confirmation of Apple’s iPhone event taking place at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts next Wednesday, the second part of iMore’s report mentioning September 21 availability (it’s a Friday) is almost certainly a done deal as well. Which means Apple will get to sell the iPhone 5 (or whatever you think it’s going to be called) for just ten days during the September quarter.

Despite this, resident Apple analyst Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray is convinced that the device will shatter all previous sales records, moving as much as ten million units in its first week of sale, enough to make Samsung’s lead short-lived and re-take the crown of the best-selling smartphone in the United States…

In a note sent to clients today, Munster wrote (via AppleInsider) that Apple could sell a total of between six million and ten million new iPhones in the final week of September, provided the company’s suppliers keep up with pent up demand.

That would result in an 8 percent upside to Wall Street’s current projection of $35 billion in revenue, and 12 percent upside to earnings per share of $8.46.

All told, Munster believes the iPhone 5 will push total iPhone sales in the September quarter to as high as 28 million units, up from market consensus of between 22 million and 23 million units.

Just for comparison, Apple reported sales of four million iPhone 4S units in its first three days of availability last October. Its predecessor, the iPhone 4, sold 1.7 million units in its first three days of availability in June of 2010.

Note that Gene Munster is the same analyst who opined that the next iPhone will mark the biggest consumer electronics launch in the history, likening the device to “the mother of all upgrades”.

At any rate, ten million units of anything in just seven days is a pretty tall order, even for Apple.

Playing to Apple’s favor, the company will likely start to immediately accept pre-orders for the iPhone 5 on September 12, leading up to general availability the following Friday, September 21.

The iPhone 5 should also launch on all major telcos in the United States (AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint, with the likely exception of T-Mobile USA) and perhaps a number of regional carriers that now offer prepaid iPhones.

And if last year’s iPhone 4S introduction is anything to go by, we can expect this year’s iPhone to hit simultaneously both the United States and a bunch of major oversea markets.

Much more than being a top business priority, hitting the ten million milestone is now a matter of honor for Apple.


This is why.

Because Samsung reported nine million Galaxy S III pre-orders worldwide during the two weeks following its May 3 introduction.

No other phone model was ever able to come close to challenging Apple’s iPhone launch numbers.

The South Korea-based conglomerate later reported ten million shipments in the first 55 days of the S III’s availability, leading up to a total of 50 million smartphones in the June quarter for the Galaxy maker.

And earlier today, another analyst guesstimated based on “channel checks” that the S III surpassed the iPhone 4S in August to become America’s top-selling smartphone. It’s probably the first Apple’s phone was not the top-selling smartphone in the U.S. market.

Yes, it’s a question of honor, indeed.

What do you think?

How many iPhone 5 sales will Apple report for the launch weekend?

Is it going to easily beat the Galaxy S III and become America’s top-selling smartphone for quarters to come?

Place your bets down in the comments.

  • Definitely.

  • jose castro

    that a dumb question to ask lol of course they will 😉

    • Well_Said


  • yeah 50-250 million sales worldwide in its life span of several years

  • James

    Although I have a Galaxy S III, I’m pretty sure iPhone sales are gonna whizz past Samsung when the new iPhone comes out. If only I didn’t have to pay full retail price to get one…

  • Who cares about sales? Companies that don’t care about quality like Samsung and Activision etc.

  • Kok Hean

    The Samsung Galaxy S III advertisements are EVERYWHERE. Facebook, tech blogs, YouTube, TV, train stations, bus stops, THE FREAKIN’ OLYMPICS, literally everywhere. Hence, the huge sales, because of the “in your face” advertisements.

    So let’s see how good the next iPhone is.

    • PS. They are giving a lot of S3 on events that they advertise too.

      • Kok Hean

        True. Everywhere they go, they’ll see and hear the word “Galaxy S III”. People will start buying it. Their friends and relatives will then see the phone and that’ll become what they think a smartphone should be.

        “What should my next phone be?”
        “Samsung Galaxy S III.”

        So majority of them follow the herd (like sheep) and purchase the phone. My aunt is one of them, and despite having used an Android tablet, she found difficulty in using it the first time. Only like a small percentage bought it because they want to utilise the power that the smartphone offers. Heck, even at the announcement, I found out from the comments that more than half of the people dislike the design, and people still buy the phone because it is too mainstream like iPhones.

        I’m sad to say that (hardcore) Samsung fans are starting to become like sheep. I’m not saying that everyone who buys Samsung phones are sheep, I’m just saying that they are slowly turning into what I call “S Sheep”, the Samsung sheep. They’ll get every new flagship phones that Samsung announces.

      • Very true. Totally agree. I know a lot of cases like that too, but most of them even from the S2 and they got really mad after that because they didn’t like the Android a now that same people have trade them with iPhone’s (4 and 4S).

        And with a smile I said to them… “I told you…”

        Samsung will get a lot of new users that want to try a “new device” and will get at the same a lot of people knowing that Samsung it’s not “the one”.

        And btw, carriers subsize Samsung devices because they have much more control over those devices (updates, crapware installed…etc) than they have with the iPhone… so people always follow the “less expensive one”.

      • iPhone

        Not a fan of the sheep comparisons. Imitating others is what “human beings” do as well. The average iPhone user is hardly different from the average Samsung or any other manufacture’s user. It’s a matter of preference. Both sets of users saw someone within their social group have a device, saw an ad for it, checked it out and found it to meet their needs. Rather those needs are met better on a particular device is highly debatable as can clearly be seen by these posts and blog discussions. But what isn’t debatable is the fact that people make decisions based on their individual preferences. If their preference happen to align with a competitors product so be it. Calling people sheep for picking one of the five most popular phones in the market is ridiculous.

      • Kok Hean

        You should tell that to the other who keep calling every iPhone user iSheep then.

    • Don’t forget that in October Apple has to start advertising for Samsung in the UK, so that’ll be interesting.

  • the big question is.. “should we really care?”
    I mean, I buy devices when they work fine for me, not for others. I don’t think i’ll buy the new iPhone 5 because im still very happy with my iPhone 4S.

    I don’t see such a need to buy a phone every year…

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Hell yeah it will

  • Yes – they will exceed 10 Million – I’m thinking they want 15 Million unit sales!

    Then, October’s launch event for the iPad “Mini” they will use that event to BRAG about beating the pants off of SAMSUNG / Android.

    Boy oh boy do I wish I held on to my Apple Stock from 10 years ago…………

  • This will also be, the mother of all pre-orders ;O

  • You must also take into consideration people who won’t buy it because of the changes. I know some people who are adamant about keeping their iPhone 4/4S because it’s the perfect size. Some won’t but it because it’s not technically an upgrade…just a bigger screen and new processor. Plus, what new features does it have other than those in iOS 6? I’ll give quality to Apple but I will give features to Samsung. So far, with this new iPhone, I’m not impressed. I’ll need a lot more convincing.

    • macboy74

      “So far, with this new iPhone, I’m not impressed”.

      Kinda hard to be impressed by something you haven’t seen yet ah

      “Some won’t but it’s because it’s not technically an upgrade…just a bigger screen and new processor. Plus, what new features does it have other than those in iOS 6”.

      And you know these details how? Do work for Apple? If you know something besides all these bs rumors. And know something thats actual fact spill the beans man. Just asking

      Nobody knows what the screen size, processor, design, features etc etc but Apple themselves. The only rumor that came true was the event date which came from my man Rene Ritchie at iMore and I believe allthingsD confirmed it.

      • I don’t have to see it to know if I don’t like it. And you can’t necessarily prove rumors aren’t true either. As far as it’s specs, other than design, and the fact no internal specs have been mentioned or rumored that I know of, I have to make a reasonable guess nothing has changed other than appearance. And again, you can’t necessarily say all these rumors are BS unless you’re Apple themselves. 😉

    • Features to Samsung? Now they own Android? And all the third party apps and features? And rip-offs like “S-Voice” and SMS app..?

      Seriously, I want to know all the “inovative features” that Samsung did already, and the genuine progress they did to Android world.

      • No no, you tell me about all of Apple’s innovative features. Siri doesn’t count. Does iPhone let me wake it up without touching it? Does it let me make a call by putting it up to my ear? Does it have Widgets? Can I use an SD Card? Does it support live wallpapers without Jailbreak? And it only just now got Facebook integration. Can I access my settings though the notification shade? Oh wait, Apple stole that from Android. And no, you can’t.
        When Apple finally creates something innovative please let me know.

      • Like i said. Theres no samsung innovation.

        Btw, facebook integrarion on iphone itd not just about posting stuff, its way more than that and the only reason of the delay was because apple and facebook didnt get a deal until now. Google accept everything in trade of costumers privacy, apple dont. Its not their buissness. Facebook integration needed to follow apple rules and not facebook rules.

      • So by avoiding my question I will assume I was right in that Apple is not innovative at all. I gave multiple examples of features Samsung created and you have gave me none. But I guess you couldn’t give me any anyway. They haven’t come up with anything original yet. Yet you’ll retort with something about Samsung, blah blah, and will only continually prove your ignorance.

      • If you think that Samsung is more innovative than Apple I don’t have anything to add.

        Parallele universe where you live:
        “2007, the year that Samsung revolucionized the smartphone industry with their own operative system and Apple, like others, followed that new standard.”

        iPhone is totally a rip-off Galaxy S. And iPad a Galaxy Tab rip-off. And Macbook Air a Samsung Slate Series rip-off. And MacMini, a Samsung Chromebox rip-off…

      • Of course you have nothing to add. Because your precious Apple isn’t innovative anymore. You can’t even give me one example of innovation from Apple; yet you’re all over Samsung. Get Samsung’s dick out of your mouth. No offense, but seriously. If Samsung copied Apple so hard, wouldn’t that give Apple advertising? See a Galaxy S II and then go buy an iPhone. You’re seriously retarded.

      • Sure sure… Im the retard fandroid who wast time on a idevice website. About apple innovations, history cant lie so why the fuck should i wast time giving you the list? Google it. Im tired of saying the fandroids like you, thats why i dont even bother anymore giving you the list because the real fact is that you dont even care.

        So, the king of innovations and LCD manufacture doesn’t have a retina display smartphone and laptop..? lol

      • Why are you so angry? It’s just a stupid phone for God’s sake. The fact that you have to tell me to Google it means even you aren’t aware of any technological innovations Apple has come up with. You’re sad really. I own an iPhone 4S, and a Galaxy S III. I prefer my iPhone over it because it’s easier to use. But when I want to show off cool features I use my S3. If you’ve seen one iPhone, you’ve almost literally seen them all. Hahahaha. You’re simply jealous you have been proven wrong and have nothing to dedicate to your argument other than “Google it.” Why do you try and argue when you can’t even back up your own argument? Go troll somewhere else. You’re too stupid and ignorant for me to bash any further. Good day sir.

      • Angry? lol… Kid I own a software company. here we have a lot of devices, from many brands, from Apple to HTC, Samsung and others… if you really think that it’s just jealousy you are more ignorante and stupid than I thought. And yes, if you want to find the answer of your question, Google it. Im tired of stupid kids like you that none of the arguments are valid because “haters gonna hate” .. it’s the same old story.

      • If you’re going to call someone “ignorant” at least learn how to spell it correctly! Way to look like an tool.

        Hey I own a software company too. Big whoop. Who gives a shit…you own a company and can’t even even give me a single example of innovation because you can’t provide any, i.e. there is none. And it seems to me you’re the only “kid” here. Starts an argument you can’t finish or back up. And yes, everything you’ve said has only added to the monumental ignorance you’ve built up around yourself. It must be sad being proved wrong by a “kid”. You and your precious Apple are a joke. Good day sir.

      • Still mad?

        “You and your precious Apple are a joke”

        You are the only one who wast time on a “idevice blog” so… tell me how cleaver you are. Insert the next rant bellow.

      • I’ll take you seriously (if at all) when you learn how spell. I have to keep iDownloadBlog free of imbeciles like you.

        The more you keep replying, the dumber you look, and the more I get to screenshot to prove your blatant ignorance. It’s hilarious watching you try to defend yourself.


      • lol.. the kid needed to call his friends to post something and felt supported.. u still look very mad! lol…that’s hilarious. You’re so happy with your “fuckdroid, once upon a time a Blackberry wannabe and now a iPhone wannabe” that you can’t stay out of a iDevice website.. Oh the Irony… …and no, I’ll not post what you want, because like i said, “haters gonna hater” no matter what I post here… so, Insert the next rant bellow, again.

      • I’m so angry. You can tell by the look on my face that I’m totally going to burst from anger. And thank you, another rage filled screenshot from you. This will look quite nicely in my gallery.

        Now let me fully troll you because that’s what you are so desperately asking for. This will be fun! 😀

        “lol.. the kid needed to call his friends to post something and felt supported.. u still look very mad! lol…that’s hilarious.”

        One person called you out on your ignorance. That would be considered a “friend”. Therefore, you just sounded like a tool. That, and he does as he pleases regardless of what I say or do. LOL. I’m so filled with anger, I have must continually prove you wrong. This isn’t anger. This is called “pity”. I must make you feel really “badass” right now. Seriously? Come on man. Get real.

        “You’re so happy with your “fuckdroid, once upon a time a Blackberry wannabe and now a iPhone wannabe” that you can’t stay out of a iDevice website..”

        You’re so angry you had to call it a “‘Fuckdroid'”…if that doesn’t sound angry, I don’t know what does. Oh yeah, you in real life…give me a break, you can’t literally be serious…you must be trolling me, because this is honestly too ridiculous to take seriously AT ALL. Lol. I come to an iPhone related blog because I have an iPhone…duh. Now that I had to tell you AGAIN, maybe this time it will stick and not slide off your obviously smooth brain.

        “Oh the Irony… …and no, I’ll not post what you want, because like i said, “haters gonna hater” no matter what I post here… so, Insert the next rant bellow, again.”

        You can’t post what I want, because I’ll do that myself. Clearly you’ve lacked this understanding because you’re an imbecile. No, I’m not a “hater” as you children call it…I’m a realist. And in reality, you’re really making things worse for yourself. This isn’t a rant, so it might as well be an editorial.

        Now I eagerly await your dull-witted response; in which reading I will probably lose some brain cells, and will only pull you deeper down the big hole you’ve dug for yourself.

        Insert frustrated rage type-up next.

      • Too long, didn’t read. But loving your rage.

      • Cool story bro! U mad though.

      • Dude you’re really sad…you rage type so hard you can’t spell right…oh nevermind, you just can’t spell.

        So out of all the posts you’ve made on this topic, you couldn’t even answer a simple question.

        He asked for a innovative feature Apple came out with. You said Google it…

        When you said that, you just proved you’re a huge idiot. You could have Googled it and would have saved some time not looking like a fool. But you refused and now you like a huge retard on the internet. Good job. Don’t bother replying either; I don’t respond to stupidity.

      • Then its showtime. Let’s talk patents.

  • I’m more than certain that the iPhone 5 will surpass s3 sales

    Anything apple sells and it sells like crazy, not to mention the 4s is already old, people are most likely due for an upgrade so why not get the iPhone 5
    Also anticipation may be the reason

    My point is whatever apple has to offer you know it’s going to sell like hot cakes. Enough said

  • dallas

    My upgrade isn’t untill febuary 1 2013 and the phone doesn’t come out untill september 21 therefore ill have to wait right now I have the galaxy s 2 for sprint these two phones are my choices but I say iphone 5

  • Why do people continue to believe the numbers Samsung report. Excuse me didn’t we just find out during the court case that they LIE!! about what they SELL?

  • 10 Million my ASS!

  • Yujin

    samsung also adds numbers they sold to RETAILERS…so they cheat a lot to get their numbers up…the iphone will sell and will break the 4S record and eat everyone’s lunch …still samsung is the “apple” for the rest of the world…but as always apple will make the most money and have samsung make its parts like a good bitch

  • Iphone 5 is coming with io6 or io5???

  • Sure it will surpass the galaxy S III..

  • Iphone 5 will probably sell more in USA. But in europe and asia S3 probably will be nr1

  • maverickmax

    the only people who bought s3 were the immature people..they think they can hate apple by buying an s3…lol

  • I don’t know why S3 is not banned yet?