Poll: what should Apple call the next iPhone?

We now have the “new” iPad but assumably nothing gets blood running through our readers’ veins as the all-important question of a moniker under which Apple will market the forthcoming hardware refresh of the iPhone. Is the sixth revision really going to be referred to as the iPhone 5? How about the iPhone 6? Maybe it’s going to be just the iPhone or perhaps something entirely different this time around?

We already asked you whether the next iPhone should have a bigger screen. Today’s poll offers a few possible name suggestions for Apple’s next handset and we ask you to choose one you’re most likely to associate with…

Look, Apple’s product naming scheme is fairly consistent. There’s no such thing as the iMac 4 or the Mac Pro 3. Apple since the original iPhone five years ago has been adding numerical suffixes to iOS device names. Only the iPod touch has ostensibly remained the iPod touch as Cupertino communicates major revisions as ‘xth-generation iPod touch’.

The original iPhone was followed by the iPhone 3G, then iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, with the fifth-generation iPhone being perhaps disappointingly referred to as the iPhone 4S.

The next iPhone?

Cast your vote now and join the discussion down in the comments.

Personally, I think they’re just gonna call it ‘the new iPhone’, sticking with the naming scheme which works for all of Apple’s other products. Sure, the new iPhone may not sound fancy enough for trend-setters or powerful enough for the geeks compared to the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.

But there’s no denying it’s simpler, cleaner and consistent with the brand.

And once we get used to it (and get used to ‘the new iPhone’ we will), no one will remember this debate over iPhone model names. Folks will simply be talking about this year’s iPhone, last year’s iPhone, 2010 iPod touch model and so forth.

Make sense?