We all knew something better than Chrome Download Enabler was inevitable, and now it’s finally here. Chrome Download Manager is a jailbreak tweak that was released just a few minutes ago to allow downloads via the Google Chrome browser.

Considering it has a name that’s similar to the legendary Safari Download Manager, I’d say it has some pretty big shoes to fill. Does Chrome Download Manager live up to its expectations?

Well, sort of. The potential is most definitely there, but I’ve found this 1.0 release to be extremely buggy thus far. I’ve tried it on both my iPhone 4, and the new iPad, and the Google Chrome browser suffered from instability, crashes, and bugs on each device.

Bugs aside, though, Chrome Download Manager comes with an impressive interface, and a decent amount of features. First of all, let’s talk about file support. Chrome Download Manager supports the following filetypes:

  • .zip
  • .rar
  • .iso
  • .dmg
  • .ipsw
  • .deb
  • .torrent
  • .mp3
  • .pdf
  • .jpg
  • .avi
  • .doc

And those are just the filetypes included on the information page on Cydia. According to the developer, Chrome Download Manager supports over two dozen types of files. Along with these supported filetypes, you can also open your files in iFile Dropbox, GoDocs, and more.

The interface for Chrome Download Manager is pretty slick. Once it detects an applicable file available for download, it presents a popup window that allows you to either download the file, or cancel the download. Each download is placed in the var/mobile/Media/Downloads directory for easy access with iFile.

Initiating the download puts the files into a queue to be downloaded. If the file is fairly large, then you will notice a badge notification on the settings menu for Chrome, which denotes a download in progress. When I could get it working correctly, the badge notifications were a nice touch, making the downloads feel like a native feature instead of a 3rd party afterthought.

The developer also promises Notification Center support for notifications of completed downloads when Chrome’s running in the background. Although I didn’t get that little tidbit on video, I can report that it works just as you might expect it to.

Despite the bugs, it’s evident that some serious work was put into Chrome Download Manager. Instead of just shoehorning in support for the iPad and the iPhone, it’s clear that it was created with both devices in mind.

Make no mistake, this tweak is leaps and bounds above Chrome Download Enabler in terms of look, feel, and performance. If the developer can stamp out the 1.0 bugs, then this is going to be one of the better tweaks to hit the wire in quite some time.

Even with the bugs, if you’re interested in scoring Chrome Download Manager for the best price possible, you may want to act now. The developer currently has a special “introductory” promotion where they’re only charging 3 bucks, but they don’t indicate what price the tweak will land at once the promotion is done away with.

If interested, then head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo where you can download it now, and be sure to tell me what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Eric Armstrong

    Didn’t even read the article… but HELL YEA!

    • So read it! There is some important info about this release you dont want to miss…

  • SimonReidy

    As stated in the article its a great tweak when it works, but its seems to only work well for direct downloads at the moment. Anything that redirects to another URL to download seems to confuse it and/or make it hang.

    It has some top features though. Love the notification of download complete when you switch to another app for example.

    Am I correct in thinking that when you switch from Chrome to another app while downloading, that the download would time out after ten minutes if you don’t revisit Chrome within that period? (If I recall correctly that;s the maximum time a 3rd party app is allowed to stay backgrounded while downloading).

    EDIT: Just noticed something else which could use improvement. Its only an aesthetic thing, but when starting a download, even though it works and the pop-up box appears, it still displays the default “Chrome cannot download this file” page in the background. If this tab with the “download failed” message could be blanked or removed somehow, it would give it a slicker, more native feel.

    • I’m the developer. You’re right, it does not play nice with redirecting URL’s. I can assure you though, that I am working on this and will address the issue soon enough. As for the background downloads, it does keep the download connection(s) alive for 10 minutes by default..As that is how long an App is able to remain in an active-backgrounded state. The “Download Failed” message will be removed in a coming update. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Follow me on Twitter for any updates: @twitter-706843795:disqus

      EDIT: Also want to note on what Jeff said in the video review, about the File not being deleted from iFile when deleted from CDM. When you ‘Open With..’ iFile, it actually makes a ‘copy’ of whatever file you’re opening and adds it to the /var/mobile/Documents directory..In the next update, I will address this and have it delete iFile’s copy as well. 🙂

      • SimonReidy

        Awesome. Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to future updates.

      • Yeah i noticed it does that with SDM too. It makes a copy

  • Well_Said

    Compatible with iphone

  • Want to note that it does support more files than what was listed in the review, such as: pdf,xls,key,pages,ppt,doc,html,css,txt,mov,plist,vcf,swf,xml,php,png. More coming soon..

  • Doesnt work for me

  • Tom

    I think I might leave this for now until some of the bugs are ironed out. The bugs would kill it for me. Once am update comes out, I am all over it as it sounds awesome.

  • Kenneth Waters

    Dish users will have this problem if all the settings are good but their peak time data usage for the month is all used up. Download between 12 and 8 AM until your next billing cycle starts.