Safari Download Manager finally updated for iOS 5

iOS power-users rejoice, the popular jailbreak utility Safari Download Manager is finally compatible with iOS 5. The tweak, developed by Dustin Howett, gives you a large amount of control over your mobile downloads.

SDM has long-since been a favorite in the jailbreak community, but has recently been all-but-forgotten due to its lack of iOS 5 support. But now it’s back, and better than ever. Here’s our rundown of SDM part deux…


Safari Download Manager 2.0 still integrates seamlessly into mobile Safari. Once installed, you will be able to download practically any file type to your iOS device that you would be able to download on your desktop.

SDM also allows you to download multiple files at once (up to 10), and choose which folder each one goes into. Out of the box, the tweak supports a number of common file types, but you can add additional types as you see fit.

As you might expect from a high-powered tweak like this, it’s a bit pricey. Obviously, previous owners will get the update for free. But new customers will have to fork over $5. If you’re interested, you can find SDM in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo.

What do you think of Safari Download Manager 2.0?