Many readers are reporting that — as suggested last night — Apple has fixed its issue with its activation server that the SAM unlock method relied on.

I’ve tested the tried and true unlock method that I posted yesterday, and indeed, it’s not working for me either.

For those that did successfully use the SAM tool to unlock your iPhone before today, congratulations. Now we just hope that you are proactive enough to backup your activation ticket either manually, or via RedSn0w

We won’t declare the SAM unlock 100% dead since there’s still no official word from the iPhone Dev Team or others intimately involved with the project, but judging from the comments on our YouTube channel, the comments on the unlock post, my own attempts to unlock, and various comments around the web, it’s pretty clear that the unlock is no longer working as it once did.

The good news is that if you did backup your activation ticket after a successful unlock, you can still unlock your iPhone if jailbroken, even if you restore your iPhone. Stay tuned for our follow up post that shows you how to restore your SAM unlock activation ticket on a jailbroken iPhone.

What has your experience then thus far? Were you able to get in before it was too late?

  • Nope it doesnt word

  • rip Sam.

  • The question really is do we need unlocks anymore
    AT&T has agreed to unlock all iPhones once the contract has been fulfilled
    They are unlocking phones that are bought without a contract but are locked to their network
    Other networks like sprint have agreed to unlock phones for their ‘good’ customers traveling abroad. AT&T will follow eventually.

    But could someone explain why do people buy Phones on contract
    Last I checked an iPhone costs 750$(32gb)
    You pay AT&T 300$ for it
    If at&t has to receive 750$ by the end of two years you need to pay 450/24 which is $18.75/month
    And the minimum plan for an iPhone is 60$/month
    So isn’t it better to save up buy it unlocked contract free and get a postpaid plan
    It works out to the same cost if not less…

    • mordechai eliyahu

      if u use it for tmobile u still need to pay for service like $50 a month

    • Even though our iPhones are free here in Japan, over 2 years we pay $200 more than AT&T! Shit.

    • Anonymous

      There are other countries in this planet, not just the US. Of those countries, few have AT&T, or at least any carrier that offers iPhone unlock, SO YES.

  • glad i got mine unlocked before, and have ticket too. wooohoooo

  • I’ll just going to ring me carrier and get my i4s unlocked for good.. it’ll only cost £20

  • Something when wrong in my attempt and I was forced to restore, however now my baseband is corrupt because I’m getting no WiFI, Bluetooth, etc. I’ve tried multiple restores but iTunes errors with code -1. help?

  • Anonymous

    ohhh shit Seni Seviyorum i come late

  • Anonymous

    i come late

  • Lupius

    Dearly beloved, we gather here to mourn the deprecation of an unlock method that did not survive the first week of its public inception. We never got a chance to find out exactly which iPhone models and carriers worked with it, and now it’s too late.

    requiescat in pacem

  • hi,i have tried this methode and i got the same error you got but when i tried the first method(i followed the first video you uploaded ) it succeeded and that was yesterday

    • Panayiotis Philippou

      Same here. I manually selected carrier, country and it worked. I did it for a friends iphone…

      • Hi! Could you please give me more information on how you unlocked it? The first method. The one that you have to choose the carrier and country. Thank you very much!

  • Hi. I was able to unlock my at&t locked iphone. But i backed up my activation ticket just now. Will my unlock be preserved until my next update? I appreciate your answer on this matter. Thanks

  • Ashley Freeman

    I unlocked mine but now my wi-fi will not work, keeps saying’password incorrect’ on every wi-fi I try to connect to, help please!

  • Hi Jeff! I unlocked my iPhone w/SAM be for it closed but I didn’t save my activation ticket until SAM was closed, will the activation ticket still works?

  • You know when you can fix to unlock SAM again?