If you haven’t unlocked your iPhone with the SAM unlock, you better act fast before it’s too late

iPhone Dev Team member, MuscleNerd, just tweeted that Apple is currently working on fixing their activation servers.

This means that sooner or later the SAM unlock will no longer work for your jailbroken iPhone.

The good news is that if you backed up your activation ticket like we instructed in our tutorial, your current unlock should be safe for good.


MuscleNerd goes on to state that any new unlock requests will probably be “hit or miss” going forward, eventually to the point where they will be all “miss”.

In other words, If you’ve yet to unlock and you still desire to, you better do so now.

Not surprising at all to see Apple jump on this, I’m surprised they didn’t get to it sooner.

What do you think? Have you unlocked yet?

Update: And as expected, it looks like Apple has fixed the issue, and the SAM unlock is no longer a reality.