On January 1st, we warned you that you should probably set a second alarm for the next morning. A new iPhone clock bug was turning off non-reoccurring alarms in the built-in clock app. This was affecting those who use their iPhone’s alarm functionality for important things, like waking up in the morning. People were missing work and other important appointments.

There was a temporary fix for this problem; the bug was only effecting one-time alarms, not reoccurring ones. If you set a repeating alarm, it should have overrode the bug and your alarm would sound like normal. Apple promised that this bug would only last for two days, and end on January 3rd. But, for some reason, that doesn’t seem to be the case…

We’ve been reading your comments on this issue, and a lot of you have said that your alarm was non-existent this morning, even though Apple said that the bug would have fixed itself by now. We’ve done a little research, and it seems that many people are still having an issue with their iPhone alarm not working.

Reuters and the Apple Discussion Boards have given evidence from enough users that the iPhone alarm has not completely fixed itself. While the bug was gone for some users this morning, some have non-reoccurring alarms that didn’t sound on January 3rd like they were supposed to.

Luckily, the solution to this problem is easier than you think. The calendar bug that was causing this glitch has been fixed, but your iPhone will not register the fix until it is rebooted.

A simple “soft” reboot (holding the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously until the Apple boot logo appears) will cause your iPhone to dump its temporarily stored files and fix the alarm bug.

If you haven’t rebooted or shut down your iPhone in the past 24 hours, that should be the reason that your alarm didn’t sound this morning. And if you have rebooted since this morning but you still have the problem, reboot again now. If your iPhone is jailbroken, chances are you reboot or “respring” frequently, and you shouldn’t have experienced this problem.

Even though it is a quick fix, Apple really has no excuse for this glitch. After the Daylight Savings Time problem with the iPhone’s clock, and now this, I’m sure someone has lost their job in Cupertino.

Did your iPhone alarm sound like normal this morning? Let us know if your problem is, or isn’t, fixed once you reboot your iPhone.

  • Lucas K.

    I thought they said it’d “fix itself” after today anyhow (even w/o a soft reboot or whatever)…

  • Apple did say that, which is why I’m sure someone who works at Apple is getting put through the burner right now for these problems.

  • David

    No it didn’t lucky I woke up on my own or I would be fucked.

    • Z

      Call Apple and tell them u missed a million dollar business opportunity because of them. Get the manager on the phone to provide the legal department’s phone number. And then tell us how they trembled =)

    • Lucas K.

      I never rely on my iPhone alarm. It’s merely backup for me. I have a regular alarm clock w/ battery backup. 🙂 Safest way to go, esp. if you’re worried you’d be “f’ed” as you so eloquently put it lol.

  • Sascha

    Mine didn’t ring this morning, either. Luckily I have a cat that gets hungry at around the same time every morning. No need for an alarm clock here 😀

  • I’m on 4.0.1 and my alarm is working fine again today.

  • Greg

    Mine still not working and its jan. 4 now here in this side of the world. Fail again.

  • Stu

    I’m on 4.0.1 and both reoccurring and one time alarms are now working fine, seems strange how the reoccurring alarm has fixed itself after months of not working?

  • mohamed

    I am on 4.2.1 on 3gs ,, and I reboot my phone now by power bottom only ,, and my alarm work again

  • Curlyshirleywhirley

    My 3GS thinks it’s had a wash keep getting the accessory isn’t optimised for this application error message and the speaker keeps turning itself off… It’s not had a wash or got wet. …I’ve tried everything reset reboot… It acted really strange when I synced it to my laptop tonight like it was a new phone … Not had a message since keeping fingers crossed it’s feeling better….. Arrrrrgh

  • 5kWatz

    I have observed no problem. My reoccurring alarm woke me up fine this morning.

  • Anna

    I am on 4.0.1 and my one-time alarm did not go off this morning. Good thing it wasn’t that important. I did the soft reboot just now and set both one-time and reoccurring alarm for tomorrow. Hopefully, both will work! *fingers crossed*

  • Sascha

    iphone4 on 4.2.1 (no JB) and the alarm worked this morning.

    Reboot does good 😉

  • Sounds good, i hope this will work for us, thanks for your work.

  • I never used the built in Alarm, I use Sleep Cycle Alarm, and it has woken me up fine all days.
    And I learned long time ago not to trust one alarm, so I have always had backup, not only due to technical failures, but also that I have had a tendency to turn of the alarm and go back to sleep. 😀

  • Godri

    I miss the alarm function in my old nokia mobile…. It used say how many hours and minutes until the alarm goes off… Anybody know a app which does that…. apple is embarrassing itself with this alarm bug.

  • Ai

    I don’t have a problem with the alarm. I have a problem with the calendar. It does not notifye of my upcoming appointments, even when I set it to alarm me 2 days and 1 day before the appointment

  • patricia

    hey.. I use one app myBantu.. I can set reminders easily.. try that.. u can download for free

  • Twcrew

    I still have problems with the alarm not making a sound (phone in mute, alarm still supposed to sound). Only seems to be happening right now if any other app has thrown up a text alert box or am IM has come in. As if the sound override gets lost because the alet box is in queue with other boxes? Anyway never had this issue before and hope it ends soon.

  • Sali

    Rebooted my iPhone twice and my alarm clock is still not working. It’s really frustrating, I think I will send apple an email about it.

  • Julio

    I’m still having problems with alarm. With my 2 iPhones, the 3GS with iOS 4.1 and the 4 with iOS 4.2.1

    If I set a recurring alarm for some days of the week, the alarm doesn’t work. To do it to work I need to set all days of the week or set a not recurring alarm.

    What is funny is that until the end of summer time (I’m in Brazil), the alarm works great with any set, today the alarm (set to some days of the week) goes on after one hour O.o and not recurring alarms or all days recurring goes on at correct time.

  • ktg

    I was fine over Jan. But this morning my alarm was ‘going off’ with no volume. The phone was not on mute. Volume was set to medium. Why is this happening?

  • Dayna

    Here we go again, I guess they are are having problems again as my alarm hasn’t gone off for 4 days, done a soft reset still not working, off into town to buy an alarm clock

  • Fletch Fletcher

    so ive had several times where the alarm was going off but didnt have any sound or if i had some notifications (like i do nearly every morning) it would go off just as soon as i cleared those
    looked on apples page and got the alarm to go off like normal but as soon as the song ended it snoozed itself which isnt enough time for me to wake up, im normally a really light sleeper but if it catches me in deep sleep theres no way that short song is going to wake me up and i have been late for work several times and have completely missed church they better watch out cause eventually someones going to miss court and end up going to jail over it
    apple is a big wnough company and has been doing this long enough that they should know how to get an alarm to work even when the phone is turned down or on silent or in the background or even closed its not that hard (and thats all for their alarm clock, even more limitations on 3rd party app developers)
    really hope they get it fixed soon