How to use Apple Music for your alarm sound on HomePod

Apple Music as HomePod Alarm Sound

As a HomePod owner and Apple Music lover, you may have noticed a missing feature when setting an alarm on your smart speaker. Before iOS 14.1, you were stuck with the default alarm tone. But with that update to iPhone and HomePod, you can enjoy your favorite tune as the sound for your alarm.

Whether you set an alarm to wake you up in the morning, let you know when dinner is ready, or that it’s time to tackle a chore, you can hear it with a chosen song instead of a boring sound. Here’s how to use Apple Music for alarms on HomePod.

Set an Apple Music alarm sound on HomePod

Whether you have a snazzy tune for your morning alarm or relaxing one for your evening alarm in mind, here’s how to set it up.

1) Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad and head to the icon for your HomePod.

2) Press and hold the HomePod icon and scroll to the Alarms section.

3) You can edit an existing alarm by selecting it or create a new one by tapping New.

4) Under Alarm Sound, tap Play Media and then Choose Media.

5) You should see tabs from the Music app for Listen Now, Browse, Radio, and Library along with a Search box at the top. So find and pick the song (or radio station) you want.

6) You’ll then be directed back to the Add Alarm screen and should see your tune as the sound.

7) Make any other adjustments to the alarm you like, such as Repeat or adding a Label. Hit Done when you finish.

Set Apple Music as HomePod Alarm Sound

You can then hit X to exist the HomePod settings and close the Home app if you’re finished with it. Then just enjoy the sweet sounds of the alarm on your HomePod when the time comes!

Wrapping it up

Why it took so long for Apple to bring the Apple Music alarm sound feature to HomePod is a mystery. But thankfully it has and we can all enjoy a nicer way to wake up or be reminded.

What are your thoughts on this feature? Are you happy that you can finally use music as your alarm sound on HomePod?