Alarm Clock

How to set an alarm on Mac

MacBook showing the Alarm tab of the Clock app on macOS Ventura

If you spend most of your day in front of your Mac, sometimes you might want to set the alarm on it to help you wake up from a quick desk nap or remember something.

In this piece, we'll show you how to set an alarm on your Mac using the built-in Clock app and Siri on macOS Ventura. In case your Mac is on macOS Monterey or earlier, you can use suggested third-party apps to set the alarm.

How to use the updated time picker for Alarms on iPhone and iPad

Clock Alarm Time Picker on iPhone

With the many updates and new features that came with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, one of those small but nice improvements is the date and time picker. Creating a to-do in Reminders or event in Calendar is easier with the enhancements. And so is setting an alarm in the Clock app.

You have options to either tap the numbers to set an exact time or scroll with a flick of your finger. This lets you use the method that’s quickest or easiest for you. Haven’t checked it out yet? Here’s how to set the time for Alarms in the Clock app on iOS.

Want more out of your jailbroken iPhone’s alarm? Aurore can help

I don’t know anybody that still uses a physical alarm clock. Most people I know are using the alarm feature built right into their smartphone because it’s both free and convenient. Sadly, iOS’ alarm functionality leaves a lot to be desired in many areas, and that’s one reason why there are so many jailbreak tweaks in the wild that offer improvements for iOS’ alarm department.

Adding to that list, a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Aurore by iOS developer Micheal Wu (zhenguwu) tries to supercharge the iOS alarm experience with a bevy of new features and options. But is it worth it? That’s what we intend to show you in this piece.

This tweak lets you delete all iPhone alarms in one fell swoop

Whether you use alarm clocks to wake up every morning for work or you casually use them to wake up for special events that occur every so often, you might find yourself in a situation where alarm times change or you no longer need an alarm you’ve used previously.

If you use your iPhone as an alarm clock and find yourself in either of the two scenarios described above, then you might enjoy a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Delete All Alarms by iOS developer 0xkuj. Just as the name implies, this tweak lets you delete all your Clock app’s alarms in one fell swoop as opposed to deleting them one-by-one as Apple currently compels you to.

Pylarm II makes you solve math problems to dismiss your iPhone’s alarm

Lots of people use their iPhone’s built-in alarm function to help them wake up in time for class or work each morning, but some people still have trouble getting up because it’s too easy to dismiss the alarm when it goes off.

If you’re in the same boat and need a little bit of extra motivation to wake up each morning, then you might want to try a new free jailbreak tweak called Pylarm II by iOS developer R0wDrunner. This add-on forces users to solve math problems before the iPhone’s alarm can be dismissed.

SnoozeX provides a more intuitive firing alarm interface for iOS

Whenever one of your iPhone’s alarm fires, you’re presented with an interface where you can either snooze or stop the alarm indefinitely. Many have expressed their dissatisfaction with iOS’ native alarm firing interface, and with that in mind, iOS developer VincentMDIM came out with a jailbreak tweak called SnoozeX to address that.

SnoozeX makes the iOS’ alarm firing interface more intuitive, especially for those who have trouble waking up early in the morning after their alarm goes off. As depicted by the screenshot examples above, SnoozeX makes the alarm firing interface easier to interact with, which will be appreciated by folks who are still half asleep when the alarm sounds.

AlarmFade makes waking up to morning alarms on your iPhone more pleasant

Many people rely on their iPhone’s alarm to get up every morning, and while it’s evident that Apple spent a lot of time polishing the alarm interface, there are certainly a few ways that it could be improved.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to anyone that iOS developer Nils Kirchhof has released a new free jailbreak tweak called AlarmFade with the intention of making a few improvements to the iPhone’s alarm experience. But does it? – Let’s find out.

AlarmGroups brings a popular grouped alarm concept for iOS to life

Many people use the alarm feature in their iPhone’s Clock app to wake up on time for school or work every morning, but sometimes users will hit the stop button and inadvertently fall back asleep, defeating the purpose of setting the alarm in the first place.

You could create a cascade of alarms to prevent this from being a problem, or you could use a new free jailbreak tweak called AlarmGroups by iOS developer Fouad Raheb, which streamlines the process of generating and grouping multiple alarms to ensure you wake up every morning.

Add countdown timers to your pending iPhone alarms with SleepyTime

If you get up for class or work every morning, then you’re probably accustomed to setting the alarm on your iPhone to ensure you wake up early enough. iOS’ alarm interface is rather polished right out of the box, but there’s still room for improvement.

A free jailbreak tweak called SleepyTime by iOS developer SparkDev enhances iOS’ alarm interface by displaying the time remaining before one or more of your alarms fire off.