bestI’m often asked what the best jailbreak apps for iPhone are. The truth is it’s hard to tell what the best jailbroken apps are because what’s good for me might not be for you.

While we can’t all agree on the best apps for jailbroken iPhone, we can certainly agree on what our favorites are. In order to come up with this list, I asked people on Twitter and in the forum what their favorite jailbreak apps were (and I also added some of mine).

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here are the best jailbreak iPhone apps voted by you and me:

  • MyWi – turns your iPhone into a hotspot
  • Backgrounder – brings multitasking to your iPhone
  • ProSwitcher – a nice UI for Backgrounder
  • Circuitous – a multitasking/app switching application
  • Categories – allows you to create folders
  • WinterBoard – an app that lets you customize many aspects of your iPhone
  • BossPaper – an advanced wallpaper manager that puts total control of wallpapers into your hands
  • VoIPover3G – tricks any app into thinking you’re on wifi while you are on 3G or Edge
  • Xpandr – a shortcut expander
  • Action Menu – improves the copy/paste experience
  • QuickScroll – allows you to quickly scroll through a page
  • Find In Page – quickly find any text on web pages
  • qTweeter – lets you update Twitter and Facebook status from within any application
  • SBSettings – a quick a way to toggle settings on/off
  • MultiIconMover – lets you move multiple icons at a time
  • InfiniDock – add unlimited icons to your dock
  • InfiniBoard – vertical scrolling on your springboard
  • QuickDo – app switching/launching
  • LockInfo – customize your lockscreen to get the information you need

Edit: More awesome jailbreak apps here.

What do you think the best jailbreak apps are? Please feel free to share in the comments.

  • wow, no biteSMS (which would be in my top 3..)

  • Rainrose

    biteSMS. 🙂

  • Loki

    I have a few jailbroken apps but the ones that will ALWAYS give me a reason to jailbreak until Apple fixes their less-than-average iPhone features are:


    If they added some form of these into the OS, I would stop jailbreaking.

  • Kylerayk

    While all of the jailbroken apps are great, you have to remember to back them up! A jailbroken/unlocked iPhone is not complete with “Aptbackup”. This app saves sooooooo much frustration by storing the jailbroken apps. It doesn’t save all the settings but I’ve found nothing better and it has saved me MANY times.

  • Samball

    You definitly forgot GRiP, although it is a bit buggy, it definitly is outthere

  • Brandon

    I’d go with iRealSms as well it improves the SMS experience 10 folds def my fav app that I can’t live without

  • DavidG

    I’d add both Overboard and Kirikae to this list. The combination makes for very efficient Springboard and active-app navigation.

    As for ProSwitcher, I move to it every now and then just to see if it’s improved but always end up returning to Kirikae. Lots of swiping just to move a static page snapshot to front-and-center in order to select it isn’t my idea of efficient. I much prefer a list that comes up right away and fits on one screen. If ProSwitcher was able to dynamically update the page snapshots or made the snapshots smaller (maybe to fit in a 2×2 grid), it’d be more attractive.

  • nXt

    CategoriesSB: Makes Categories USABLE. Plain ‘ol Categories is slow/ugly/stupid.

  • Jjsan

    Screendimmer, ringshuffle, roqybt… I have 72 packages backuped via pkgbackup

  • floink

    I wouldn’t stand my iPhone without Overboard, ProSwitcher, Activator, MusicControls and Iconoclasm. Of which of course almost all but one would not be needed without Backgrounder.

  • George

    What about WiFiFoFum ? iBluenova ?

  • Screen Recorder: records your homescreen and you can adds voice memos.
    FontSwap: changes the font style fo your iphone
    CallerID Faker: fakes your caller ID
    iBlacklist: block unwanted calls and sents an auto text message
    MxTube: to download Youtube video streight to your iPhone
    dTunes: an alternative app to iTunes.
    Mobile Terminal: for commands and to change your SSH password
    OpenSSH: to acees your iPhone Root Files
    iWipeCache: deletes cache left by themes
    BossPrefs: Hides icons and more.

    What you guys think?

  • cybermaven

    iBlacklist!! Hands down the best app on my phone.

    • ADT

      Without a doubt !! Had to get it to block an annoying female.

  • Burge

    ok it’s not a app but it’s a great tweek five icon dock

  • i personally like inspell…

  • jack

    installous : all apps for free!!
    vwallpaper : moving wallpaper, and moving ringtone.
    winterboard : custimise all background settings and slider, unlock sounds ect.
    irealsms : read and send texts, whilst on apps.
    backgrounder : perform background apps.
    ibluenova : bluetooth on iphone!!

    all of these are bril cydia apps, and expesherley installous.

  • Bil


    • Billea

      that one is illegal

      • Jailbreaku

        Aren’t they all?

  • Smokeweedeverday

    So is cannabis but i smoke it everday

    • Smokeyamum

      I smoke ya mum everday!

    • erreyes

      gime som ho much da joint

  • Mark

    AndroidLock XT is pretty awesome, and what about intallous? that comes from cydia

  • iphoner

    bitesms – BEST TEXT APP
    safari download manager – download files on safari
    Activator+springflash (when i hold my volume button it turns the camera light on and off)
    lockinfo – info right on your lockscreen( ive got weather on there too with a cool clock and all my emails.
    sleepfx – cool effects when locking phone(mine looks like old tv turning off)
    winterboard – gotta look fly
    graviboard – just for fun.
    voiceactivator – set up your own voice commands (when i say google it will open safari to google)
    yourtube – download youtube vids
    infinifolders – unlimited apps in folder
    lockdown pro – password protect apps
    installous – download apps
    ifile- browse files
    mewseek- mp3 downloads

  • Aryan

    How to jailbreak My iPod ?? ain’t working ….. HELP ME ….. FAST !!!

    • Mr.Helpful

      Dude, u provably updated to a firmware that jailbreakme.cim can’t jailbreak. try greenpois0n instead

  • John

    what happen to Installous?

    • Chicag0kid

      Add repo “” then you will find installous