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Servicing HomePod mini without AppleCare+ is only $20 cheaper vs. buying a new one

If you don't have optional AppleCare+ extended warranty for the HomePod mini, Apple will charge you a fee of $79 per an out-of-warranty repair of the new $99 Siri-powered speaker — which is only $20 cheaper vs. buying a new one. Apple announced the new HomePod mini a month ago in an effort to widen the addressable market for its smart speakers. The full-size HomePod wasn't updated last month and continues to retail for $299.

Sonos S2 operating system upgrade, for compatible speakers only

Sonos' wireless speaker system is receiving the Sonos S2 operating system update this month. It will bring "new features, usability updates, and more personalization moving forward... to enable higher resolution audio technologies for music and home theater." But, not all Sonos products will receive the benefit. More concerning, if you have a collection of mixed compatible speakers, you may need two apps to enjoy your hardware.

Sonos to nix support for older devices in May [Updated]

Smart speaker maker Sonos announced Tuesday that it is phasing out development for several of its oldest products. The company said in a blog post that it will no longer update software or add new features for original Zone Players, Connect, Connect:Amp, first-generation Play:5, CR200, and Bridge devices beginning in May.

How to play ambient sounds on HomePod

Did you know you can play various ambient sounds on the HomePod wireless speaker, including nature sounds like raindrops, a crackling fireplace and ocean waves? It's not just for unwinding after a long day but also for those times when you're seeking a subtle audible background for working or focusing. Follow along with iDownloadBlog's quick step-by-step tutorial to learn how to play some random HomePod ambient sounds, and fall asleep to them.