Apple’s discontinued Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speaker makes a comeback, sort of

Apple’s Beats Pill+ speaker is making a comeback after being discontinued recently, with a new limited-edition model arriving later this week.

  • Apple’s Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speaker has been around for quite some time, but Apple discontinued it in January 2022 without releasing a replacement model.
  • Apple is now launching a limited-edition model in partnership with fashion brand Stüssy, sporting a cool skull-and-bones design.
  • Apple did not announce pricing for the limited-edition Beats Pill+ Stüssy model. For reference, the original Beats Pill+ started at $179.95 in the United States.

A limited-edition Beats Pill+ speaker is coming March 4

MacRumors spotted a new page on the Stüssy website featuring images of the limited-edition Beats Pill+ speaker. The images on the website showcase a skull-and-bones design along with the Stüssy logo and an engraved message on the top, saying “the only good system is a sound system.” The description seems to indicate that the looks is the only thing that’s changed, with no new features added to the limited-edition model. Read: HomePod mini FAQ — All your questions answered

Stüssy’s website will launch orders for the limited-edition Beats Pill+ model featuring a skull-and-bones design on Friday, March 4. 2022. iDownloadBlog will update you on the price as soon as new information is released. We don’t expect this limited-edition model to be priced more than the original speaker, which was selling for $179.95 in the United States before being discontinued.

It’s unclear whether Apple is working on a replacement for the Beats Pill+. If there’s a successor in the works, Apple could unveil it later this month during its rumored virtual product unveilings. A portable, battery-powered wireless speaker with Siri and features from the HomePod mini would be much appreciated, if you ask us.