HomePod software 15.3 extends Siri multiuser support to additional countries

Updating your Apple wireless speaker to software version 15.3 will let you set up HomePod multiuser with Siri voice recognition in additional countries and languages.

A photo showing a finger resting on the HomePod top with the Siri orb animation
  • HomePod software version 15.3 brings multiuser support to India and Italy
  • In India, Siri can now recognize individual voices in English
  • In Italy, Siri voice recognition works in Italian
  • Don’t forget about stability improvements!

What’s new in HomePod software 15.3

According to a support document on Apple’s website providing a list of new features, improvements and fixes in HomePod software updates, here’s what’s new in HomePod software version 15.3:

Software version 15.3 adds Siri voice recognition support for up to six users in a home in English (India) and Italian (Italy). This update also includes performance and stability improvements.

No other details were provided about the update.

How to update your HomePod software

To update the software powering your HomePod, fire up the Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. In the Home app, hit the Home icon, then choose “Home Settings” from a popup menu. Lastly, select “Software Update” to check if there’s a new update. If you see a message saying an update is available, hit “Update” and wait until your HomePod has finished updating its software.

A white spinning light at the top of your HomePod indicates that the speaker is updating. Be sure that your HomePod stays plugged in while it’s updating.

HomePod software version 15.3 is available for both HomePod and HomePod mini.

How HomePod multiuser works

Multiuser support has been available on the Siri-powered speakers since December 2019. Setting up multiuser Siri voice recognition in the Home app enables Apple’s voice assistant to recognize different voices and provide personalized answers.

HomePod’s multi-user support works with up to six users in a home. The Personal Requests feature must be enabled for multiuser support on your HomePod.

Each Family Sharing member or another user can use your HomePod wireless speaker to listen to music, ask Siri questions or access their personal information without polluting your own listening history, influencing recommendations or seeing your personal data. Non-registered accounts can use Siri on your HomePod to play music from your account, but nothing else.