The next HomePod: Bigger and louder than the HomePod mini; not arriving until 2023

Apple’s next HomePod should be closer in terms of dimensions and audio quality to the discontinued full-size one rather than the smaller and cheaper HomePod mini.

A black Apple HomePod wireless speaker laying on a table in front of a TV set which displays an Apple TV home screen
The next HomePod won’t be small | Image: Howard Bouchevereau / Unsplash
  • Apple is reportedly developing a new HomePod model, but it doesn’t appear like an unannounced speaker will go on sale in 2022. Rather, expect it in early 2023.
  • The upcoming HomePod should be similarly sized as the discontinued full-size one, as well as feature an updated top display with multitouch.
  • It should also be closer to the original speaker rather than the HomePod mini in terms of audio quality, which was the big selling point of the full-size model.

A fresh HomePod in 2023: Bigger and louder

That’s according to the latest edition of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter on Bloomberg, which lays out Apple’s product plans for the rest of 2022 and early 2023. Gurman, who is one of the most reliable Apple reporters, has learned from his sources that the upcoming speaker might introduce multitouch functionality for its top “display,” which currently features status LED lights. The speaker will be powered by Apple’s unreleased S8 chip that will debut in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 models this fall, Gurman has learned. Read: How to set a HomePod as new

The HomePod, code-named B620, will run the same S8 chip coming to the watches and will be closer to the original HomePod in terms of size and audio performance rather than a new HomePod mini. The new HomePod will have an updated display on top and there’s even been some talk of multi-touch functionality.

Both the HomePod and HomePod mini are powered by Apple’s A8 which debuted in the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 was released in 2014 so the A8 is an old chip by anyone’s standards and Apple would be wise to swap it for a faster one. That said, it’s quite surprising to learn that Apple may switch to the Apple Watch processors for this future HomePod. Now, the S-series chips in the Apple Watch use even less power than the A5 and other iPhone chips. Is Apple trying to create a portable, battery-powered HomePod? We’ll probably have to wait until the device launches in early 2023 to answer that question. Read: How to set a primary HomePod user