Voice Control

Motorola goes after Siri with its Android Voice Action feature

We’ve seen Motorola take on Apple in the courtroom, now it’s taking on its popular digital assistant feature. The company just posted three videos to its YouTube account of three of its handsets taking on the iPhone 4S in voice-control.

The videos star the Motorola Atrix 2, the Photon 4G and the Electrify using Android’s Voice Action component. The sentiment here seems to be that Motorola believes that its feature is superior to Siri, but we’ll let you be the judge of that…

DismissSiri: Cancel Siri using a voice command

Want a quick and easy way to dismiss Siri? Then try the aptly named DismissSiri — a jailbreak tweak that makes Siri scram with a few simple voice commands.

As long as you don’t set your expectations to high, and you don’t have a tweak like MyAssistant, which makes DismissSiri redundant, then you may enjoy the functionality that this tweak has to offer…

How to Install Siri on iPad 2

Siri on the iPad 2 is now a reality, courtesy of the iPad 2 untethered jailbreak. It became a lot more compelling with the release of tweaks like SiriToggles, and updates to Hands-Free Control.

We’ve already shown you how to install Siri on the iPhone 4, so we’ll use that tutorial along with some additional key information to help you get Siri running on the iPad 2!

TV Industry Scrambling to Beat Apple to the Punch

The rumor mill can be fairly accurate when it comes to predicting major Apple products. There was tons of gossip regarding an Apple smartphone for at least a year leading up to the iPhone announcement. And the same goes with iPad rumors.

Manufacturers, for some reason, have always ignored the chatter surrounding Apple rumors. But it looks like the folks in the TV industry aren’t going to make that mistake this time around, as reports are coming in that TV-makers are already working on implementing voice control technology to beat Apple to the punch.

Hacker Uses Siri to Turn on Fireplace and More

By now most of you have heard about SiriProxy. The server hack enables knowledgeable users to create custom Siri commands that can make the digital assistant do things well outside of what Apple programmed it to do.

We’ve already seen several uses for the Proxy. We’ve even spoken with the mastermind behind it. Now, we’ll take a look at Mark Hodder’s setup in which he uses Siri to control his fireplace, Christmas lights, and other appliances…

Meet Siri’s Competition on Android: Cluzee

Android has its own Siri, at least that is what the creators of Cluzee would like you to believe. The new app is even called your “intelligent personal assistant,” and Cluzee tries to mimic many features that Siri users will recognize, including the ability to dictate text in emails and set up appointments using natural, everyday language.

Cluzee is a third party service for Android, meaning that it isn’t backed by Google. The service looks to work exactly like Siri, but the voice commands that Cluzee recognizes are much more limited than Apple’s technology.

Siri vs. Microsoft’s Tellme Voice Control Feature

Microsoft and its chief strategy and research officer Craig Mundie have been taking a lot of smack over the past couple of days. Mundie made some controversial comments regarding Apple’s new Siri feature during a recent interview with Forbes Magazine.

The executive claimed that Microsoft has had Siri-like technology on its Windows Phone platform for over a year, and that Apple’s success with it has been the result of “good marketing.” But the two systems are miles apart, and here’s a video to prove it…

FastPdfKit: First Siri-Controlled App Hits the App Store

Apple’s Siri is certainly the hot property these days, and it is at its best when in the hands of hackers who create tools like SiriProxy. Offering a way of making Siri interact with pretty much anything on a network, SiriProxy has opened doors left and right, and now app developers are getting in on the action.

FastPdfKit, an app now available on the App Store, claims to be the first to offer Siri integration using SiriProxy. More accurately, FastPdfKit’s developer, MobFarm, is the first to spend the time to create the commands required to interact with its app, but we’ll let them off with their bold claim just this once.

The result is the ability to ask Siri to complete in-app tasks, such as paging forward or searching for text. The app even has a party trick, with Siri on an iPhone 4S being able to control the FastPdfKit app on an iPad…

Microsoft: We’ve Had Siri for Over a Year!

Since Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S last month, everyone has been talking about one thing: Siri. The lovable assistant is the product of over 40 years of artificial intelligence research and the US CALO program (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes).

Siri isn’t apparently exclusive to Apple’s handset. Microsoft’s chief strategy and research officer Craig Mundie recently told Forbes that Microsoft has had similar voice control tech on its Windows Phone platform for more than a year!

We know, we didn’t see that one coming either…

Hackers Are Able to Control Siri With Their Minds

The geniuses behind Project Black Mirror have created a way to control Siri with their minds. By constructing an elaborate system involving the Arduino prototyping platform, a MacBook Pro, and ECG pads to capture analog brain waves, these hackers can have Siri make a call by merely thinking.

Yeah, we’re not kidding.

iTeleport Lets You Use Siri to Launch Apps on Your Mac

Have you been itching to control your Mac with Siri your iPhone 4S? iTeleport for iOS and the Mac lets users launch Mac apps with their voice via the miracle of VNC technology.

While other popular VNC apps, like Screens, let you control your Mac from your iPhone or iPad, iTeleport is the first app to take advantage of Siri on the iPhone 4S. You can simply say “Launch Safari” from your iPhone to open the app on your desktop computer.

‘Hands-Free Control’ Will Allow You to Invoke Siri By Voice

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could invoke Siri without pressing and holding your Home button?

I’ve always thought that Apple should include such an option for when we’re on the road and want to control our devices with Siri.

That’s the concept behind a new jailbreak tweak entitled Hands-Free Control. Once the iPhone 4S jailbreak is made public, it will allow you to invoke Siri by voice alone.

In the meantime, though, you can invoke Voice Control on pre-iPhone 4S devices…