Hacker Uses Siri to Turn on Fireplace and More

By now most of you have heard about SiriProxy. The server hack enables knowledgeable users to create custom Siri commands that can make the digital assistant do things well outside of what Apple programmed it to do.

We’ve already seen several uses for the Proxy. We’ve even spoken with the mastermind behind it. Now, we’ll take a look at Mark Hodder’s setup in which he uses Siri to control his fireplace, Christmas lights, and other appliances…

Mark Hodder, a freelance webmaster, recently posted information on his blog regarding his home automation project. The setup includes an ioBridge and several X10 modules that turn your appliances and light sockets into web-enabled clients.

Hodder uses the SiriProxy, installed on his MacBook, to control the X10 modules. And the result is pretty cool:


Even though the SiriProxy project is only available to those knowledgeable in Ruby and other programming languages, we’re still impressed with the many uses developers have come up with. Hopefully those behind it, or better yet, Apple, will eventually bring these capibilities to the masses.