DismissSiri: Cancel Siri using a voice command

Want a quick and easy way to dismiss Siri? Then try the aptly named DismissSiri — a jailbreak tweak that makes Siri scram with a few simple voice commands.

As long as you don’t set your expectations to high, and you don’t have a tweak like MyAssistant, which makes DismissSiri redundant, then you may enjoy the functionality that this tweak has to offer…


Once you have DismissSiri installed, head to the Settings app where you’ll notice a panel dedicated to the tweak. Inside the settings panel, you can configure one of three voice commands used to dismiss your favorite voice assistant.

The commands are as follows: cancel, dismiss, or close. Cancel and dismiss worked perfectly, but I had an issue with “close” as you’ll see in the video. Perhaps I need to tune Siri more to my voice?

DismissSiri is a free download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It’ll of course require a jailbroken iDevice running Siri.

Let me know what you think about DismissSiri in the comments section below.