8 things to do before selling or trading your Apple Watch

Apple Watch Ultra 2, Series 9, and SE 2 together on a red and green background

Are you planning to sell your Apple Watch, pass it down to someone else, or send it for trade-in? Here are all the important things you must do to ensure the private information stored on your Apple Watch is not accidentally disclosed to others, and the next user can easily pair the wearable with their iPhone.

15 things you must do before selling, giving away, or trading your iPhone or iPad

iPhone with green back cover along side sale and dollar sign

If you update your iPhone on a regular basis, it makes sense to give the old one to a family member, sell it, or trade-in with Apple to get store credits. Passing on your iPhone is also good for the environment. But before you go ahead, you must follow some essential steps to ensure your personal data doesn't unknowingly go into the hands of the next iPhone owner. To help, we have created this comprehensive guide that covers everything you must do before saying goodbye to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Apple reduces trade-in values across devices in the U.S.

A scene from Apple's ad showing a male hand handing an iPhone 5s over to another male's hand

It might not happen on a regular basis, but Apple's values for trading in products varies from time-to-time. They aren't set in stone and they don't last forever. It's good when those values go up, and not so good when they go down. Unfortunately, today's news fits in the latter category.