How to delete all old WhatsApp photos and videos from your iPhone

Delete old WhatsApp photos and videos from iPhone

WhatsApp saves the same pictures and videos in two places - inside the WhatsApp app and the iPhone Photos app. You can easily stop WhatsApp from saving images to your iPhone Photos app. But one copy still unknowingly remains inside the chat app.

If you have lots of one-to-one and group conversations on WhatsApp, these media files might be occupying several GBs of space.

In this handy tutorial, we show you how to delete old WhatsApp photos and videos from your iPhone to free space and keep things fast.

30 ways to free storage space on your Mac

Ways to free space MacBook

Did you check the available storage on your Mac and find its internal SSD or hard drive is almost full? This tutorial shows you how to free up space on your Mac desktop or notebook. These tips and suggestions apply to all modern versions of macOS, including the latest macOS Monterey.

How to turn off Optimize Storage for Music on iPhone

Disabled Optimize Storage for Music on iPhone

Maybe some time ago you were worried about the amount of space your music was taking up on your iPhone. So, you enabled the Optimize Storage option. This allowed iOS to automatically remove downloaded songs that you haven’t listened to in a while, thus freeing up storage space.

But now you find yourself with more storage space on your iPhone than before, or maybe you’ve purchased a new iPhone with more space. You want to stop iOS from removing songs and do it yourself, but you can’t remember how to disable the feature. Here, we’ll show you how to turn off Optimize Storage for Music on your iPhone.

How to see the amount of iCloud storage each family member is using

iCloud Storage Family Plan Usage on iPhone

If you and your family are sharing iCloud storage, then it’s a good idea to check now and then to see how much is being used. For instance, you may have opted for the Apple One Family or Premier plan with shared storage among its other offerings.

Here, we’ll show you how to see the amount of iCloud storage everyone in your Family Sharing group is using. This way, if you’re getting close to the limit, you can make some changes or look into purchasing additional storage.

You have a few convenient places to check out your Family Sharing iCloud storage usage. So no matter which device you’re using at the time, you can easily see who’s using how much. Just make sure you’re logged in with the correct Apple ID for your Family Sharing group.

How to check the Quota Limits for available storage space in Mail on Mac

Get Account Info Mail Quota Limits Gmail

Depending on the email service you use for personal and business communications, you may have a limit on your storage. A service like Google, for example, limits how much storage you have across your Google apps, including Gmail, unless you want to pay for more.

Luckily, you can check what are called Quota Limits in the Mail app on your Mac to see how much space you’ve used and still have available. In this how-to, we’ll show you where to go in Mail to check your Quota Limits.

How to add more workspace around a slide in Keynote on Mac

Keynote Expanded Canvas Workspace Mac

Keynote is an excellent tool for creating slideshows. Whether a business, educational, or even personal presentation, Keynote has great features to help you create the perfect slideshow.

So if you’re working on a presentation and find that you simply don’t have enough space, there is a remedy.

You can add more space on the canvas around a slide in Keynote. This lets you move around the area without feeling confined and limited. You can move objects out of the way until you need them or try out different ones for the right look.

Here’s how to add more workspace around a slide in Keynote on your Mac.

How to see the amount of space Podcasts and TV shows use on iPhone and iPad

Settings iPhone Storage TV App

Your device is terrific for listening to your latest podcasts and watching your favorite shows. But if you continue to download these types of items, you’re going to keep using space. And if you’re finished with a podcast or show, why hang onto it?

If you listen to the same podcast episode or watch the same show over and over, that’s different. And you might want to keep them. But if not, why waste the space? You should at least take a minute to review what’s there to see what you can remove.

Here’s how to see the amount of space Podcasts and TV shows are using on you iPhone and iPad.

How to limit the number of photos stored on Apple Watch

Tap Photos on Apple Watch

You may not realize it, but your Apple Watch can store up to 500 photos. Now just because it can, doesn’t mean you want it to. After all, those photos take up storage space like anything else on your Watch.

We’ll show you how to limit the number of pictures stored on your Apple Watch as well as how to see the number you’re currently storing and how much space those photos take up.