How to see the amount of space Podcasts and TV shows use on iPhone and iPad

Settings iPhone Storage TV App

Your device is terrific for listening to your latest podcasts and watching your favorite shows. But if you continue to download these types of items, you’re going to keep using space. And if you’re finished with a podcast or show, why hang onto it?

If you listen to the same podcast episode or watch the same show over and over, that’s different. And you might want to keep them. But if not, why waste the space? You should at least take a minute to review what’s there to see what you can remove.

Here’s how to see the amount of space Podcasts and TV shows are using on you iPhone and iPad.

Check your downloaded podcasts and shows

Grab your iPhone or iPad and follow these steps to see the podcasts and shows you’ve downloaded and how much space they use.

1) Open your Settings and select General.

2) Choose iPhone (or iPad) Storage.

3) Scroll down and pick Podcasts. If you pick TV, you’ll then need to tap Review Apple TV Downloads to see the shows.

Settings iPhone Storage TV

4) Now you’ll see the podcasts and shows on your device. To the right of each one is the amount of space it uses.

5) To delete one or more, tap Edit, the minus sign next to it, and then Delete.

6) Tap Done when you finish.

Settings iPhone Storage Podcasts Delete

It’s easy to see how much space these types of items take up on your device. And back on the iPhone (or iPad) Storage screen, you can see other items that are hogging space and at the top you’ll see what you’ve used and what’s available.

Settings iPhone Storage Space

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Wrapping it up

If you’re concerned about the amount of space remaining on your iPhone or iPad, ridding it of podcasts you’ve already listened to or shows you’ve already watched can help get some space back.

Are you going to check the amount of space these items take up on your device? What other types of items hog the space on your iPhone or iPad? Hit us up on Twitter or comment below!