DontWannaSleepNow makes it easier to unlock your iPhone while in Sleep mode

Apple began integrating sleep-related health feature into the iPhone in iOS 13 with Bedtime, but it wasn’t until iOS 14 that more meaningful sleep-based features such as Sleep Mode came to fruition.

When Sleep Mode is active, your iPhone mutes incoming notifications with Do Not Disturb to keep you asleep and dissuades you from using your iPhone when you should be sleeping by way of a more convoluted Lock Screen that adds an additional button to tap before you can swipe up to unlock.

How to set up Sleep on your Apple Watch

Holding an Apple Watch and iPhone

Apple introduced some great new features with iOS 14 for sleep health. You can create a sleep schedule, set up time to Wind Down beforehand, and see if you’re getting the amount of sleep you need each night.

While these features are terrific for iPhone users, those who wear an Apple Watch get the benefit of sleep tracking too. If you wear your Apple Watch to bed, then this is definitely a feature to check out. So if you’re interested, here’s how to set up Sleep on your Apple Watch.

How to relax before bed with Wind Down for Sleep on iPhone

Timing for Wind Down on iPhone

When it’s getting close to your bedtime, do you do certain things to help you relax? Maybe you listen to soft music, meditate or do breathing exercises, or set a scene in the Home app. With Sleep Mode, you can use the Wind Down feature to help you do these things to prepare for night-night time.

Before we show you how to use Wind Down, take a look getting started with Sleep Mode on iPhone because these two features work hand-in-hand. If you’ve already set up Sleep in the Health app, then let’s get started with Wind Down!

How to set up a schedule, customize, and use Sleep Mode on iPhone

Health Sleep app Sweet Dreams screen on iPhone

When you prepare for bedtime, do you do certain things with your iPhone? Maybe you enable Do Not Disturb, set your alarm, and even dim your bright display.

When iOS 14 was introduced, it brought a new feature called Sleep Mode that takes care of these things for you. So rather than go through the same nightly routine to get your iPhone ready for bed, here’s how to use Sleep Mode instead.

How to set a sleep timer for an audiobook in the Apple Books app

Set Sleep Timer Books app iPad

It’s one thing to fall asleep listening to music or relaxing sounds. But nodding off while listening to an audiobook is as bad as falling asleep during a movie. What did you miss? Are you going to start it over? Do you remember where you left off before catching those Z’s?

To make sure you don’t miss a thing with your audiobook, you can set a sleep timer in the Books app. You have flexible options and this way you’ll know right where you left off. Plus, the book won’t keep on playing while you’re sawing logs.

Here’s how to set a sleep timer for an audiobook in the Books app on both iOS and Mac.