Apple says ‘the future of health is on your wrist’ in latest Apple Watch Series 6 ads

Apple has released a trio of new advertisements for the Apple Watch Series 6, the newest smartwatch from the company. And, as you’ve probably guessed from the title, the new ads focus mostly on the health-related features you can find inside the smart wearable.

Apple uploaded the new ads to its official YouTube channel today. There are three in total, and they come with the same level of polish and production value as you’d expect. We can see the Apple Watch Series 6 front and center in every ad, each of which is just under 40 seconds in length. Not a lot of time, but Apple packs enough in there so you get the point (and maybe want to buy one).

There are three ads in total, and you can watch them below.


The first of the three is all about the Workout app. Apple notes in the description accompanying the ad that, while wearing the Apple Watch Series 6, you can track all of your workouts. Even the ones you do underwater.

Here’s the ad:


Next up, we have the ECG app. The company says that with the Apple Watch Series 6, owners can take an ECG, or an electrocardiogram, anytime, anywhere. And here’s the ad:


And finally, we’ve got the Sleep app. With this app users can track their sleep and set up a bedtime routine, too. Here’s that one:

Apple’s title for the ads, “The future of health is on your wrist,” doesn’t really beat around the busy. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, has said that health is one of the major focal points for the company moving forward, and the Apple Watch has certainly helped with that effort.

Are you looking forward to whatever new health- and fitness-related features Apple adds to next generation Apple Watch models?