How to set up Sleep on your Apple Watch

Holding an Apple Watch and iPhone

Apple introduced some great new features with iOS 14 for sleep health. You can create a sleep schedule, set up time to Wind Down beforehand, and see if you’re getting the amount of sleep you need each night.

While these features are terrific for iPhone users, those who wear an Apple Watch get the benefit of sleep tracking too. If you wear your Apple Watch to bed, then this is definitely a feature to check out. So if you’re interested, here’s how to set up Sleep on your Apple Watch.

Sleep on Apple Watch

How to set up Sleep on your Watch

Once you enable Sleep on your iPhone and create a schedule, setting it up on Watch is super simple. Just make sure you’re running watchOS 7 or later. Open the Sleep app on your Apple Watch and then follow the prompts.

Enable Sleep on Apple Watch

You’ll be asked if you want to enable Time Asleep Tracking and you’ll receive Charge Reminders so that your Watch will have enough charge to get through the night. If your Watch is only charged 30 percent or less, you’ll be prompted to charge it.

Sleep Set Up on Apple Watch

If you prefer to set up Sleep on Apple Watch on your iPhone instead, you can do so in the Health app. Tap the Browse tab and select Sleep. Under Set Up Sleep, tap Get Started.

Enable Sleep in Control Center

Although you have a Sleep schedule, there may be times when you want to enable Sleep outside of that schedule. Just like in your iPhone Control Center, you can turn on Sleep in your Watch Control Center.

Swipe up to view Control Center and tap the Sleep (bed) icon. If you don’t see the icon, you can add it quickly.

1) Open your Control Center and tap Edit at the bottom.

2) Tap the Sleep icon under More at the bottom.

3) Then tap Done.

Add Sleep to the Watch Control Center

And remember, when you enable sleep, this automatically turns on Do Not Disturb on your devices.

How to adjust Sleep on Apple Watch

You can change your schedule, Sleep goal, and Wind Down time on Apple Watch in addition to iPhone. Plus you can add another sleep schedule just as easily on your Watch as on your phone and disable your schedule if needed.

Change your Sleep schedule

You can adjust your current schedule on your Watch just like on your iPhone. Open Sleep and tap your Full Schedule. You’ll then see that you’re on the Edit Schedule screen. Tap to change the days or times, add an alarm, or choose Delete Schedule at the bottom if necessary.

Edit Sleep Schedule on Apple Watch

Add another Sleep schedule

If you want to add another schedule, open Sleep and scroll below your current schedule. Tap Add Another Schedule. Fill in the details for the days of the week, wake and sleep times, and set an alarm if you like. Tap Add and the new schedule will appear below your original one.

Add Another Schedule on your Watch

Change your Sleep Goal or Wind Down time

If you want to adjust your Sleep goal or Wind Down time, these settings are right by each other in the Sleep app. Open the app and then scroll down to Sleep Goal or Wind Down. Tap one to change it.

Change Goal or Wind Down on your Watch

Disable Sleep

You may want to turn off your Sleep schedule and you can do this from the Watch too. Open the Sleep app and turn off the toggle for Sleep Schedule.

If you disable Sleep, your original schedule(s) will be retained if you decide to re-enable it later. Just turn that toggle back on and you should see the schedule(s) you set up previously.

Dsable Sleep on Apple Watch

Wrapping it up

Anytime you want to view your Sleep data, open the Health app on your iPhone and select Sleep on the Browse tab. This is a good way to see patterns, changes, and if you’re getting the right amount of sleep for you.

Are you going to set up Sleep on your Apple Watch? Or will you just stick to using the schedule and Wind Down feature on iPhone? Let us know!