Cydia Substrate v0.9.7105 adds memory enhancements & more iOS 14 support

Cydia Substrate, a method of tweak injection that can be used on both the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks, was updated Monday evening to the shiny new version 0.9.7105.

Citing the change log for this particular release, Cydia Substrate v0.9.7105 should be easier on system memory and be less prone to crashing due to a new memory limit threshold system. The full change log from Saurik is quoted below:

Cydia Substrate receives third update to improve stability under heavy memory strain

Cydia Substrate users have probably noticed quite a substantial number of updates to this particular package over the past couple of days. Two consecutive updates for Cydia Substrate were launched Wednesday night and Thursday morning, but the excitement didn’t stop there. Saurik pushed a third update for Cydia Substrate Thursday afternoon, officially bringing the package up to version 0.9.7104.

Cydia Substrate is used for tweak injection on both the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks for devices up to and including those equipped with A11 chips. Cydia Substrate never received support for A12 and newer handsets because of technical challenges, and so any of these devices that have been jailbroken with unc0ver use Substitute for tweak injection instead.

Cydia Substrate updated to v0.9.7103 with additional bug fixes

Following a Cydia Substrate update on Wednesday that improved hooking and added preliminary support for iOS 14, the package received a second update early Thursday morning, this time bringing it up to version 0.9.7103.

Cydia Substrate is used for tweak injection on both the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks, albeit only up to A11 devices for the latter as Cydia Substrate doesn’t support A12 or newer handsets. If you’re using a supported platform, then this update is available from Sam Bingner’s default repository and should appear after refreshing your sources.

Cydia Substrate updated to v0.9.7102 with improved hooking & more

Depending on the type of jailbreak you’re using, your handset might depend on Cydia Substrate for tweak injection. This will be the case if you’re using checkra1n, but it may also apply to unc0ver users who aren’t using A12 or newer handsets since Cydia Substrate was never updated to support Apple’s latest lineup because of unforeseen complexity challenges.

If your jailbroken handset does use Cydia Substate for tweak injection, then you may want to launch Cydia and refresh your sources. An updated version of Cydia Substrate was released on Wednesday with improvements, officially bringing the package up to version 0.9.7102.

Cydia updated to v1.1.35 with another crash fix relating to hardware keyboards

Jailbreakers who are taking advantage of either the checkra1n or unc0ver jailbreak would do good to launch the Cydia app and refresh their sources this morning. It seems that Cydia received yet another update late last night, this time bringing the tried and true package manager up to version 1.1.35.

From what we can gather, Cydia v1.1.35 was released specifically to fix a problem where the app could crash if the user was using a hardware keyboard on iOS & iPadOS 13.5 as opposed to using the operating system’s built-in software keyboard.

Cydia v1.1.34 update fixes crash on iOS 13.5 with hardware keyboards

Cydia, the package manager that comes pre-installed on the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks, received an update on Monday bringing it up to version 1.1.34 with a fix for a crash that could happen when attempting to navigate the app on iOS and iPadOS 13.5 with a hardware-based keyboard.

While most jailbreakers are using iOS’ native software-based keyboard to look for their favorite jailbreak tweaks and extensions, hardware keyboards are particularly common among iPad users, especially if touting Apple’s own first-party options.

Cydia v1.1.33 resolves slow loading after this morning’s update

Cydia, the package manager that comes pre-installed on the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks, received an update late last night to version 1.1.32 to resolve a sporadic crash that could occur if your metadata file became corrupted.

It didn’t take long after the update surfaced that users began reporting slow application loading, especially when refreshing sources. Fortunately, Sam Bingner has released a second update to Cydia Friday evening dubbed v1.1.33, which is meant to address that same slowness.

Saurik issues rare update for Cydia Substrate w/ iOS 13 support & critical bug fix

Saurik issued a rare official update for Cydia Substrate on Sunday, officially bringing the native tweak injection method for the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks up to version 0.9.7100.

Although Saurik hasn’t made any official announcements on Twitter about the update, checkra1n and unc0ver co-developer Sam Bingner made a post on /r/jailbreak describing this new Cydia Substrate update.

Saurik says Cydia Impactor “Xcode 7.3” error fix could come mid-December

Saurik made a rare public appearance on Twitter Tuesday afternoon to discuss the future of Cydia Impactor and a particularly frustrating error that users have been experiencing since Apple pushed some of its latest software updates for Mac and iOS.

More specifically, Saurik talked about an error in which Cydia Impactor would tell users that they needed to upgrade to Xcode 7.3 when they were trying to side-load a pertinent jailbreak app, such as Chimera, Electra, or unc0ver. That message looked something like this:

Saurik updates Cydia Impactor to v0.9.52 with support for macOS Catalina

It was only yesterday that Apple unveiled macOS 10.15 Catalina and launched the first developer beta, and it didn’t take long for beta testers to report that Saurik’s Cydia Impactor tool wouldn’t open on the newfangled macOS operating system due to its 32-bit nature.

Fortunately, this is no longer an issue. Saurik has updated Cydia Impactor on Tuesday with 64-bit support, which as you might come to expect, makes the popular side-loading software fully-compatible with Apple’s upcoming macOS Catalina update.

Cydia Impactor doesn’t work on the macOS 10.15 Catalina beta (yet)

Among the plethora of upcoming software updates Apple announced for its mobile and desktop platforms at the WWDC 2019 Keynote event on Monday was macOS 10.15 Catalina, which promises to make Mac computers significantly more potent with literally dozens of new features.

Apple’s upcoming Mac-centric software update sounds incredibly tempting at first glance, but jailbreakers may want to pay particular attention to the update’s fine print. As it would seem, macOS Catalina drops support for outdated 32-bit apps in favor of newer and faster 64-bit alternatives, and this includes Saurik’s vital Cydia Impactor tool.