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Deep Dreamer for Mac lets anyone soup up photos using Google’s amazing Deepdream engine

Right after Google announced its fascinating research into neural networks and highly advanced image processing with so-called “deep dream“ code, developer Realmac Software immediately set out to make an app out of it.

The Internet giant did open-source the code, but you must have the technical chops in order  to make use of it because setting up a server to process images for yourself isn't really a trivial endeavor for average people.

Launching today as a public beta, Deep Dreamer for Mac simplifies the process of processing your own photos with Google's deep dream algorithm, and the results are both fantastic and eerily disturbing.

Developers of Clear release Typed, a gorgeous Markdown editor for Mac

Realmac Software, the creators of Clear, Ember and many other apps, on Tuesday released a beautiful Markdown editor for the Mac, Typed. Whether you run your own blog on a daily basis or just want an easy to use app for writing, Typed has you covered with full support for Markdown.

For those unaware of Markdown, it's a plain text formatting syntax designed by Daring Fireball's John Gruber which makes it easy to style your documents and easily convert them to HTML and many other commonly used document formats.

Typed features a minimal user interface with Auto Save support, customizable keyboard shortcuts, the ability to generate, preview and export HTML code and much more.

Clear to-do app gains Reminders and sound packs

Keeping true to its promise, the popular Clear to-do app for iOS and OS X by Realmac Software has received a nice little update today, bringing out a pair of new features you're going to love.

The first is the anticipated Reminders capability which lets you set up alerts that go off across all your Mac and iOS devices, similar to Apple's stock Reminders app in iOS and OS X.

And to go with Reminders, the team has added another much-requested feature: custom sound packs. Both the iOS and OS X edition have been updated with these features and are now live in the App Store, available free to existing users...

Realmac teases Reminders coming to Clear to-do app in early-April

Not to be outdone by fellow developer Flexibits who yesterday teased the upcoming iPad edition of its popular calendar and to-do app, Fantastical, today Realmac Software shared a few tidbits concerning a forthcoming Clear update featuring Reminders integration.

The company is currently wrapping up work on the iOS and Mac releases of Clear with Reminders integration. They were originally shooting to launch the apps in March, but refining the Reminders functionality took longer than expected so now they're looking to release the updates in early-April.

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Clear goes free one last time so you can migrate from Clear+ to Clear

In an attempt to fix the confusing mess surrounding seemingly same versions of its to-do app for the iPhone and iPad, Clear and Clear+, developer Realmac Software last month announced it would make the former app temporarily free so people who previously bought Clear+ could migrate to Clear without having to purchase that app, too.

Making true on its promise, Realmac on February 27 slashed Clear to $0. As the promotion ran for only 24 hours, not everyone was aware of the price cut. Those who missed their chance to save $4.99 by grabbing this nicely done gesture-driven app for zero bucks needn't despair - Realmac has again made Clear free for the next 24 hours.

What are you waiting for, get downloading...

Clear app free for the next 24 hours, download now

Developer Realmac Software recently addressed user confusion surrounding its Clear and Clear+ to-do apps for the iPhone and iPad by announcing that it will be migrating Clear+ users to Clear for free.

Not only are they doing this to ensure that “as many people as possible can move to Clear” because Clear+ is now defunct, but also due to the fact that Apple doesn’t offer a way to migrate users between copies of an app.

Realmac also added native iPad interface to Clear so now both Clear and Clear+ support all form-factor iOS devices. If I were you, I'd download Clear for free right away...

Realmac adds iPad support to Clear for iPhone, migrates Clear+ users to Clear for free

Realmac Software has finally added native iPad support to its popular Clear to-do application for the iPhone and iPod touch. They're also moving customers from Clear+ back to Clear for free.

These changes are in response to user confusion amid complaints from people who were uncertain which version to buy, with some even mistakenly buying the iPhone edition when they really wanted the universal version that natively supports all form-factor iDevices.

Clear for iPhone with the newly added iPad support is now available in the App Store for $4.99. Clear+ remains a separate $4.99 download, though it's going to be offered free of charge for a limited time to allow Clear+ owners to migrate to Clear without being forced to buy the app twice...

Ember update brings new Annotation tools, Screenshot Auto-Import

Realmac Software's image organization and syncing software, Ember, has received a nice little update on the iOS side, bringing several new annotation tools and the ability to automatically import screenshots. Both these features are available now in the free iPhone and iPad app as in-app purchases.

On the Mac side, Ember has been updated with 50+ tweaks, enhancements and bug fixes. The update is available now and is free in the Mac App Store for existing users. Jump past the fold for the full reveal...

Ember, digital scrapbook Mac app, is now available for iPhone and iPad

In keeping with its promise to bring Ember to iOS in December, Realmac today released the iPhone and iPad version as a free download in the App Store. Basically a companion for Realmac's Ember for Mac, the iOS app features iCloud sync, photo collections with advanced natural language search, the handy ability to automatically sort screenshots imported from your iOS Camera Roll into Phone and Tablet collections, sharing via Mail, AirDrop, Messages, Twitter and Facebook, and lots more.

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Digital scrapbook app Ember coming to iPhone and iPad in December

Ember, a digital scrapbook app from the Clear to-do app's creator Realmac Software, arrived back in July as a rather pricey $49.99 Mac App Store download. Despite its punishing price tag, I wrote that Ember struck me as an Evernote replacement I’ve long been yearning for. The team has since added a few new features such as Smart Drawing, Colours and iCloud sync, while squashing dozens of bugs.

And now, they've confirmed that the iOS version will be available in December. This is great news as I can now introduce Ember into my daily workflow, hopefully being able to jot down notes, create journals and manage my notebooks on whatever device I happen to be using, be it a Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch...

Following user backlash, Realmac Software reinstates original ‘Clear’ app

Realmac Software has decided to reverse course, and reinstate its original 'Clear' todo list app to sell alongside its all-new universal app it released for iOS 7. It originally planned to discontinue the iPhone-only app.

But that plan has obviously changed over the last week or so, following user backlash. Original Clear purchasers were upset they'd have to pay again for the app, despite the fact that they didn't need an iPad version...

Realmac announces Clear for iOS 7 will be a separate new app

Realmac Software, the guys who brought you the popular to-do iOS app Clear, the iOS camera app called Analog Camera and the gorgeous scrapbook app for the Mac, Ember, today shared their roadmap for Clear. As iOS 7 gets its official release date - September 18 - developers are busy updating their warez with the matching flattened look and support for new technologies Apple added to it mobile operating system.

As Apple still doesn't allows developers to introduce paid upgrades to existing App Store apps, some developers - Realmac Software included - have opted to re-release their apps as a separate, iOS 7-specific download...