Clear app free for the next 24 hours, download now

Clear universal (teaser 001)

Developer Realmac Software recently addressed user confusion surrounding its Clear and Clear+ to-do apps for the iPhone and iPad by announcing that it will be migrating Clear+ users to Clear for free.

Not only are they doing this to ensure that “as many people as possible can move to Clear” because Clear+ is now defunct, but also due to the fact that Apple doesn’t offer a way to migrate users between copies of an app.

Realmac also added native iPad interface to Clear so now both Clear and Clear+ support all form-factor iOS devices. If I were you, I’d download Clear for free right away

The company announced in an open letter to users that “we’re going to do this twice in the next few weeks”. They will be soon launching a free update to Clear with reminders support and “much more in store for you in the coming months”.

Go ahead, download Clear now free of charge.

The offer is valid for the next 24 hours so act now if you’ve been eyeing this gesture-focused to-do app, but were put off by its asking price of $4.99

Clear+ is available in the App Store for $4.99.

Both Clear and Clear+ require iOS 7.0 or later.

If you’re wondering about the difference between Clear+ and Clear, the two are identical in terms of features. However, Clear is supported and Clear+ won’t be, meaning it will no longer receive new updates.

Realmac founder Dan Counsell himself acknowledged user confusion.

“Ever since the launch of Clear+, we’ve heard from customers that they are excited to pick up Clear but uncertain which version to buy,” reads a post on his company’s blog.