Deep Dreamer for Mac lets anyone soup up photos using Google’s amazing Deepdream engine

Deep Dreamer for OS X Mac screenshot 003

Right after Google announced its fascinating research into neural networks and highly advanced image processing with so-called “deep dream“ code, developer Realmac Software immediately set out to make an app out of it.

The Internet giant did open-source the code, but you must have the technical chops in order  to make use of it because setting up a server to process images for yourself isn’t really a trivial endeavor for average people.

Launching today as a public beta, Deep Dreamer for Mac simplifies the process of processing your own photos with Google’s deep dream algorithm, and the results are both fantastic and eerily disturbing.

“We’ve brought together an easy-to-use yet unbelievably powerful Mac app that allows you to make your own deep dream images,” Realmac co-founder Dan Counsell tells me via email.

Deep Dreamer lets you process ordinary photos to create beautiful images or terrifying nightmare visions, the choice is yours.

Deep Dreamer for OS X Mac screenshot 002

The app packs in the vast range of options to soup up your images, but the good news doesn’t stop here as Realmac has taken Google’s processing engine to a new level by adding support for GIF and movie export.

Process video can often reveal the shapes and objects hiding within it. You can also process a still photo and tell Deep Dreamer to generate an animated GIF of the process as it interprets your image.

Deep Dreamer for OS X Mac screenshot 001

“Give Deep Dreamer a photo and watch as horizons get filled with towers and pagodas,” Realmac explaisn. “Rocks and trees turn into buildings. Birds, dogs, and insects (aka puppy slugs) start to appear from out of nowhere.”

Check out a processed image of Jony Ive below!

Deep Dreamer for OS X sample 001

Features include:

  • Create stunning pieces of art.
  • Process images and movies.
  • Customize every aspect of your dreams.
  • Share with Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • Go beyond simple processing, with multiple dreams for your media.
  • Build animated dreams & export as GIF or QuickTime Movie.

Depending on the settings you choose, deep dreams can take awhile to process. Realms recommends processing smaller images, usually under 1.5 megabytes, while testing out the app. Of course, if you plan on creating animated GIFs or movies with Deep Dreamer, you’ll need to be patient as rendering your clips will take some time.

Two more deep dream examples follow.

Deep Dreamer for OS X sample 003

Deep Dreamer for OS X sample 002

And not, a sample animation from the Minions animated movie that gives you a good idea of what Deep Dreamer can visualize.

And a scene from the Matrix movie.

To learn more about Google’s Deepdream research, check out Google’s blog post. While we’re at it, you may also want to read Google’s other posts on the topic, including one titled “Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks.”

Check out a view preview of Deep Dreamer.

Download the public beta of Deep Dreamer from Realmac Software.

A full license can be purchased for $14.99 during the beta period. When the app exits beta, a license will increase to $24.99.