Developers of Clear release Typed, a gorgeous Markdown editor for Mac

Type for Mac (Teaser 001)

Realmac Software, the creators of Clear, Ember and many other apps, on Tuesday released a beautiful Markdown editor for the Mac, Typed. Whether you run your own blog on a daily basis or just want an easy to use app for writing, Typed has you covered with full support for Markdown.

For those unaware of Markdown, it’s a plain text formatting syntax designed by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber which makes it easy to style your documents and easily convert them to HTML and many other commonly used document formats.

Typed features a minimal user interface with Auto Save support, customizable keyboard shortcuts, the ability to generate, preview and export HTML code and much more.

The interface is easy on the eyes and gets rid of unwanted clutter so you can focus on writing. Typed has an awesome selection of great typefaces, including its signature style that clearly differentiates headers from regular text.

Type for Mac (Interface, screenshot 002)

During prolonged text entry, you can take Typed to native full-screen mode or invoke Zen Mode, which takes full screen to the next level with six calming zen soundtracks available to play in the background to aid your focus.

“It’s all based around getting into that perfect frame of mind where your writing flows and nothing else matters, a zen-like state,” Realmac said in a blog post.

Check it out in action.

Other features include support for exporting documents as HTML, RTF or PDF files, intelligent cursor placement when adding links and formatting content, full complement of keyboard shortcuts and more.

Typed highlights

  • Minimal UI: No clutter, no distractions. Just a perfectly-honed set of tools to help you write and stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Word Count: Need to hit a word count, or stick to a character limit? Typed keeps you on target without cluttering your workspace.
  • Auto Save Support: The dog will never eat your homework again – Auto Save keeps your content safe, with Versions support to retrieve an edit.
  • Zen Mode: Filter out life’s distractions with 6 calming soundtracks that aid your focus, allowing you to concentrate on your writing.
  • HTML Preview & Export: Typed is built to help you write for the web without the need to know any code – Typed generates it all for you.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Never leave the keyboard again, with comprehensive keyboard shortcuts to help you structure and format.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a fully featured editor, Typed isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a perfectly balanced, zen-like writing experience via an app that provides something truly unique and helpful to your writing process, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Typed a try.

Type for Mac (Sounds, screenshot 001)

To celebrate the launch, they’re giving everyone a 20 percent discount for a limited time so you can grab Typed through the Realmac webstore for just $19.99.

Due to the nature of the app and Apple’s rules for sandboxed Mac applications, Typed is not available for purchase through the Mac App Store. “We have no plans to bring Typed to the Mac App Store at this time,” developers cautioned.

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