Digital scrapbook app Ember coming to iPhone and iPad in December

Ember for iOS (teaser 001)

Ember, a digital scrapbook app from the Clear to-do app’s creator Realmac Software, arrived back in July as a rather pricey $49.99 Mac App Store download. Despite its punishing price tag, I wrote that Ember struck me as an Evernote replacement I’ve long been yearning for. The team has since added a few new features such as Smart Drawing, Colours and iCloud sync, while squashing dozens of bugs.

And now, they’ve confirmed that the iOS version will be available in December. This is great news as I can now introduce Ember into my daily workflow, hopefully being able to jot down notes, create journals and manage my notebooks on whatever device I happen to be using, be it a Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch…

With Ember for Mac now using iCloud, the team set out to work on the most-requested feature, Ember for iOS. According to Realmac’s blog post, Ember for iPhone and iPad will be arriving in December.

Ember for iOS allows you to add images from your iPhone and iPad to your library, take photos of things that inspire you, and organize your library on the go.

They stopped short of revealing other features, but we do know that Ember for iOS will be a free universal app requiring iOS 7. There won’t be much of a feature parity between Ember for Mac and iOS, at least not initially.

In the coming months, Realmac is planning to add annotations and other features. In taking cues from free-to-play games, these upcoming feature additions will be provided as in-app purchases, though the ability to view and organize your Ember library “will always be available for free”.

Ember for Mac (teaser 001)
Ember for Mac.

Even though Ember for Mac actually replaced Realmac’s popular LittleSnapper, it’s a totally new app with lots of advanced capabilities. In addition to Clear and Ember, Realmac created Analog Camera for iOS and recently released Hatch, a Tamagochi-like iPhone game that sells for$1.99 a pop.