Ember update brings new Annotation tools, Screenshot Auto-Import

Realmac Software's image organization and syncing software, Ember, has received a nice little update on the iOS side, bringing several new annotation tools and the ability to automatically import screenshots. Both these features are available now in the free iPhone and iPad app as in-app purchases.

On the Mac side, Ember has been updated with 50+ tweaks, enhancements and bug fixes. The update is available now and is free in the Mac App Store for existing users. Jump past the fold for the full reveal...

Ember, digital scrapbook Mac app, is now available for iPhone and iPad

In keeping with its promise to bring Ember to iOS in December, Realmac today released the iPhone and iPad version as a free download in the App Store. Basically a companion for Realmac's Ember for Mac, the iOS app features iCloud sync, photo collections with advanced natural language search, the handy ability to automatically sort screenshots imported from your iOS Camera Roll into Phone and Tablet collections, sharing via Mail, AirDrop, Messages, Twitter and Facebook, and lots more.

Jump past the fold for the full breakdown...

Digital scrapbook app Ember coming to iPhone and iPad in December

Ember, a digital scrapbook app from the Clear to-do app's creator Realmac Software, arrived back in July as a rather pricey $49.99 Mac App Store download. Despite its punishing price tag, I wrote that Ember struck me as an Evernote replacement I’ve long been yearning for. The team has since added a few new features such as Smart Drawing, Colours and iCloud sync, while squashing dozens of bugs.

And now, they've confirmed that the iOS version will be available in December. This is great news as I can now introduce Ember into my daily workflow, hopefully being able to jot down notes, create journals and manage my notebooks on whatever device I happen to be using, be it a Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch...

Realmac’s digital scrapbook app Ember is now available on Mac App Store

I've been growing increasingly frustrated with the note-taking giant Evernote's decision to buy Skitch, my favorite screenshot-taking and annotation app. Very little have I seen in terms of meaningful enhancements and new features post-buyout.

Making matters worse, I've never been a huge fan of Evernote. You could say I downright hate how notebook organization, recipe management, saving web clips or just jotting down a few quick thoughts in Evernote is such a cumbersome and resource-hungry experience (plus, it's high maintenance).

There's definitely a market for a decent scrapbook app out there, one that's been written from the ground up to take advantage of the latest and greatest software technologies, with a strong focus on simplicity and ease of use.

That's where Realmac Software's Ember for Mac jumps in. You can tell it's special because Realmac are the same guys who brought you the popular Clear multitouch to-do app for iOS/OS X and the delightful Analog Camera for iOS...

Realmac teases Ember, a digital scrapbook for your Mac

Realmac Software, the guys who brought you the popular Clear multitouch to-do app for the iPhone and the delightful Analog Camera for iOS, to name just two, is working on a brand new Mac application that wants to become your ultimate digital scrapbook.

Called Ember, it appeases to designers who are desperate to “save, organize, annotate, and share” their work, but it can also be used by ordinary users who are looking to manage their projects and present them as media-rich scrapbooks...