Realmac teases Ember, a digital scrapbook for your Mac

Ember for Mac (teaser 001)

Realmac Software, the guys who brought you the popular Clear multitouch to-do app for the iPhone and the delightful Analog Camera for iOS, to name just two, is working on a brand new Mac application that wants to become your ultimate digital scrapbook.

Called Ember, it appeases to designers who are desperate to “save, organize, annotate, and share” their work, but it can also be used by ordinary users who are looking to manage their projects and present them as media-rich scrapbooks…

The teaser clip is as sleek as the app itself.

According to a post at the company blog:

If you use the web for inspiration, you’re going to love saving, organising, annotating and sharing your images with Ember – Ember is your digital scrapbook.

When it launches, Ember will replace Realmac’s LittleSnapper clipping app.

Information was scarce at post time so that’s all we know for the time being. I’ve reached out to Realmac and will update the post if I hear back from them.

You can register your interest at the Ember mini-website.

Ember will be available on the Mac App Store next Tuesday, priced at $49.