Pocketdex companion app for Pokémon GO gets Raid Battle tracking & iPhone X support

Pokémon GO players will be delighted to learn that the Pocketdex IV automation app for the iOS platform has received an update on Thursday with new features for tracking nearby Raid Battles and support for Apple’s latest handset, the iPhone X.

Originally released back in mid-July by Majd Alfhaily and Surenix, each prominent developers from the jailbreak community, Pocketdex strives to be a Pokémon Go power-player’s best friend. The app makes it easier to discern your best Pokémon from your worst; merely take a screenshot of the Pokémon in-game, and the app does all the calculations for you before spitting out the Pokémon's individual values (IVs).

Pocketdex app by Majd Alfhaily and Surenix complements Pokémon GO

Although fewer people are as excited to play Pokémon GO today as when the game first launched last Summer, it still stands as one of the world’s most popular mobile games.

A new Pokémon GO companion app called Pocketdex is now available on the App Store, and was created with love by two prominent members of the jailbreak community: iOS developer Majd Alfhaily and graphic designer Surenix.

New Pokémon game is based on Magikarp, the weakest Pokémon ever

If you're no longer interested in playing Pokémon GO on a regular basis, how about another mobile Pokémon game? Your wish is Pokémon Company's command! Today, they released a new Pokémon game on App Store, based on the weakest Pokémon ever— Magikarp.

Titled Pokémon Magikarp Jump and available on App Store as a freemium download with optional In-App Purchases, the game requires you to raise multiple generations of Magikarp.

You must feed and train your creatures, boosting their stats and Jump Power before challenging other players in six leagues to increase your own Trainer Rank. Those who do well in jumping tournaments can get commemorative photos of their achievement that can be shared on social media to show the world how well they’ve trained their Magikarp.

If you're new to the Pokémon phenomenon, here's a little backgrounder on Magikarp.

Magikarp is a creature famous for being pathetically weak, unreliable and generally useless. It cannot be taught any powerful moves—all it does is flop around and splash. If your Magikarp flops too high, it is sometimes snagged by the bird Pokémon Pidgeotto.

Check out the launch trailer below.


If Magikarp gets knocked out during a training session, or retires upon reaching level 20, you’ll start over with a new generation of Magikarp that's a little bit stronger than your last.

Some Pokémon you encounter may give you food to keep your Magikarp nourished.

Following the initial launch in Italy, Japan and several other countries, Pokémon Magikarp Jump is now officially available in the US App Store. Non-obligatory In-App Purchases let you spend cash on various upgrades to speed up your training, replenish your food stock, catch more Magikarp and so forth.

Grab Pokémon Magikarp Jump for free from US App Store.

The best Augmented Reality apps for iPhone

More often than not, the term Augmented Reality still has that elusive, techy ring to it, particularly when brought up in conjunction with Apple’s purported eyewear project. Curiously, many of us have it down as tomorrow’s technology rather than today’s, when the truth is that AR apps have populated the App Store for years.

While some of these apps are admittedly not much more than shoddy tech demos, separating the wheat from the chaff actually produces some really cool apps conceived to boost your business, creativity or simply keep you entertained in novel ways. With the preamble out of the way, here are the best Augmented Reality apps for iPhone available today.

Pokémon GO gains 80+ new creatures and a bunch of new features in latest update

Pokémon GO developer Niantic Labs announced two days ago that an upcoming update would bring over eighty new Pokémon and other new features to the popular augmented reality game. Yesterday, the developer said that the new Pokémon GO 1.27.2 update containing those perks began rolling out.

It's a staggered release so you might need to wait a little bit longer if it's not live on your local App Store yet. Here's everything new in Pokémon GO 1.27.2 for iOS.

Trading and real-time player battles coming soon to Pokémon GO

Two key features missing from the initial Pokémon GO release—trading and real-time player battles—are coming soon to Pokémon GO by way of a future update, developer Niantic Labs told WayPoint in a recent interview. Niantic CEO John Hanke said that the team is working on bringing additional features and more depth to the augmented reality game, including the long-awaited Pokémon trading and player vs. player battles in real time.

Valentine’s Day event for trainers in Pokémon GO is kicking off today through next week

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, developer Niantic Labs today announced that a special Valentine's Day-themed event is available in Pokémon GO beginning today, February 8 at 11am PT / 2pm ET and running through February 15.

During this special  in-game promotion, players will be treated to double the amount of candy every time they catch, hatch and transfer Pokémon. Plus, their Buddy Pokémon will find candy twice as fast.

Strategy board game Pokémon Duel launches for iPhone and iPad

Pokémon Due, a mobile strategy board game from The Pokemon Company, today launched on App Store as a free download with non-compulsory In-App Purchases.

In this iPhone and iPad title, you're tasked with collecting as many Pokémon figures as you can to make the ultimate deck. You can then compete, in real time, in online duels with players from around the world for a chance to enter the top rankings in League Matches.

Pokémon Go is dead, long live Pokémon Go!

There is no debate that a large contingent on the internet has been holding out for less Pokémon Go news in 2017, but it is equally clear that this sentiment will not be echoed by the people at Niantic. No matter the side of the fence you are on, the fact that Pokemon Go is hands down one of the most successful apps in the history of the App Store (breaking first-week download and revenue records) is a big deal, and the augmented reality laced game will continue to rake in millions of users and dollars in the year ahead. It’s not all rosy though, as the daily player count is continuously pointing south and engagement data crumbling.

As much as this is Niantic’s battle to fight, Apple too has a vested interest in the preservation of Pokemon Go’s winning streak and will want to benefit financially from the game throughout the current fiscal year. The question both business entities therefore are going to have to find answers to is what’s next for Pokémon Go strategically, and what is Apple’s role in facilitating Niantic’s continued success with the app? Not so much content wise but rather in terms of product strategy, I have sized up a few moves that Niantic, The Pokémon Company and Apple could have up their sleeves over the next 12 months.

Pokémon GO launches on Apple Watch with Activity and Workout integration

To all of those who have been waiting to play Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch since the game developers teased it at Apple’s September keynote event, you can finally stop holding your breath because it’s now available.

Pokémon GO for the Apple Watch comes in an update (version 1.21.2) to the existing iPhone app from the App Store, so after installing it, you’ll be able to add it to your Apple Watch just like you would with any watch app you’re already using.