This tweak makes it so jailbreakers don’t have to enter their passcode after respringing

It’s important to have a passcode on your iPhone or iPad because it helps keep your information safe by ensuring that only an authenticated user is able to access your apps and personal data. But have you ever found yourself annoyed about the fact that you’re asked to authenticate yourself after respringing your jailbroken handset?

Typically when you’re respringing a device, you’re doing it because you just installed a new jailbreak tweak or because you just applied new settings to an already-installed tweak. In both cases, having to enter your passcode to get back to what you were doing is an extra step that most users would probably prefer to do without.

Got a checkra1n’d iPhone X with iOS 14 without a passcode? This tweak is for you

If you’re using a Face ID-enabled handset without a passcode, which might very well be the case if you’re using the checkra1n jailbreak on the iPhone X with iOS 14, then you may notice how interacting with notifications from the Lock Screen takes more effort than it needs to.

More specifically, if you don’t have a passcode, then tapping on a notification banner from the Lock Screen reveals an Open button that must be tapped before you’re brought to the app’s interface to interact with the missed notification.

Prank those who try to guess your iPhone’s passcode with ToldYou

Whether you have an iPhone or another smartphone of a different make and model, one thing we all probably have in common is that someone has attempted to guess our handset’s passcode when we weren’t looking.

The horrible and sad truth is: nosy people exist; but the good news is that anyone with a jailbroken iPhone can now use a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called ToldYou by iOS developer Huseyin Kabasakal to strike back at these nosy people in a somewhat humorous way.

Add a splash of color to iOS’ dialer and passcode interfaces with DialerGradient

Apple’s software user interfaces are somewhat notorious for being both streamlined and professional, but they also tend to be on the bland side of things. The company isn’t known for offering much in the customization department, and this can be a serious pain point for those who demand more personality from their iPhone’s user interface. Fortunately, jailbreak tweaks aplenty can help out with this limiting aspect of iOS.

Enter DialerGradient, a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer NaneraManu that lets iPhone users customize virtually any parameter of their handset’s numeric dialer interfaces, whether it’s the Lock Screen’s passcode interface or the Phone app’s dial pad.

New to Apple TV? How to set up content restrictions

Apple TV Restrict Movies

If you own an Apple TV, then it’s likely you share it with others in your home. And if you have children, it’s essential that you make sure they cannot see inappropriate content on the device.

For those who are new to Apple TV or simply haven’t taken time to set up restrictions yet, this tutorial is for you. Here are the content restrictions available on your Apple TV and how to set them up.

How to set up a strong arbitrary-length alphanumeric passcode on iPhone and iPad

Six-digit passcodes are no longer considered safe to use due to specialized forensic equipment like GrayKey that takes advantage of iOS exploits to perform brute-force attacks no your passcode. But don't worry, iDB has you covered. Simply follow our step-by-step tutorial to create a strong alphanumeric passcode on your iPhone or iPad that will elevate your security and render hacking hardware such as GrayKey pretty much useless.

IntelligentPass 3 disables passcodes and authentication in ‘low risk’ environments

Most people turn to passcodes or biometric authentication to keep the data on their iPhones and iPads safe from unwanted prying eyes. But as many would agree, there can be certain times when such security measures may be unnecessary or workflow inhibiting, such as when your handset is safe in your home or when you’re physically holding it.

IntelligentPass 3 is a commendable jailbreak tweak by iOS developers Luke Murris and Geometric Software that prevents your pwned iOS device from asking you to enter a passcode or authenticate yourself in ‘low risk’ environments. The tweak identifies said environments based on criteria that you, the user, configure.

RomanPad puts roman numerals on the numeric keypads in iOS

Roman numerals appear to be making a comeback in popularity, and for those who demand classiness from everything they touch, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Just last week, we showed you a jailbreak tweak that adjusted the Status Bar time to appear as roman numerals instead of standard numbers. But with a newly released and free add-on called RomanPad (Beta) by iOS developer Simalary, you can enjoy a similar experience on any number pad in iOS, including the passcode entry screen and the Phone app’s dial pad.