Checkl0ck biometric authentication-enabling tweak for iPhone X on checkm8 jailbreaks adds rootless & iOS 16.4-16.5 support

If you’re a palera1n-c jailbreak user on an iPhone X, and you’re using iOS 16.4.1, then you might want to turn your attention to the latest version of the Checkl0ck jailbreak tweak by iOS developer FoxfortMobile.

Checkl0ck banner.

New in version 1.7.0 of Checkl0ck, released just today, is support for rootless jailbreaks running iOS & iPadOS 15 and 16, as well as iOS versions 16.4, 16.4.1, and the upcoming 16.5 firmware.

Checkl0ck is a valuable addition to any jailbreak tweak arsenal on a pwned iPhone X utilizing a checkm8 bootrom exploit-based jailbreak such as checkra1n or palera1n-c because it allows these users to set a passcode and use biometric authentication such as Face ID or Touch ID to help thwart unauthorized device access.

It’s worth noting that Checkl0ck doesn’t work in a non-jailbroken state, so your device is only ever safeguarded while it’s in a jailbroken state. This also means your device’s data isn’t encrypted.

Checkl0ck also only supports certain authentication features throughout the operating system, such as App Store purchases, accessing the Photos app’s Hidden album, and the likes. Apple Pay support isn’t included, and purportedly isn’t coming anytime soon.

As a palera1n-c user on the iPhone X myself, I use Checkl0ck every single day and it makes the device feel more secure because it puts up the façade of requiring a passcode or biometric authentication to get past the Lock Screen. Most people won’t even think to turn the device off and on again to turn security off, since this usually just disables biometric authentication for the first unlock on a normal device.

If you’re interested in using Checkl0ck on the latest version(s) of iOS whether you’re using a rootful or rootless palera1n-c installation, then you can acquire the tweak from the Havoc repository for $2.99 via your favorite package manager app. It’s also a free update if you already own a previous version.

You can also check out our full review post for more information about the tweak.

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