This is NOT the iPhone 6, or is it?

We have to interrupt original programming this afternoon with a breaking exclusive mega scoop from YouTuber Doldo411. Likely from a covert mission into Apple's Cupertino campus, the scoop master has gotten his hands on the iPhone 6 before the rest of the world - and it looks like a doozie. 

Parody: Apple patents the alphabet

When you think of everything wrong with the patent system today, Apple always comes to mind. The iPad-maker has applied for, and surprisingly won, patents on things you wouldn't think you could have exclusive rights to.

That's the basis for this new parody video, in which Washington Post book critic Ron Charles pretends to be an Apple legal attorney explaining the company's strategy behind applying for a patent on the English alphabet...

If only this iPad mini parody clip was the real deal

After watching this, I'm beginning to wonder if somebody at Apple should seriously consider hiring Cinesaurus, a Seattle-based creative team "obsessed with telling stories through video and animation". They're also behind an excellent Surface parody video that teaches Microsoft how to advertise against the iPad...

Saturday Night Live talks iPhone 5 complaints

For the most part, the iPhone 5 has been well-received by customers. Reviews of the handset have been very positive, with most folks saying it's well worth the upgrade for previous iPhone owners.

But in addition to all of the praise, we've also heard a lot of complaints regarding the smartphone. There's the iOS 6 Maps debacle and the scratching, and don't forget the camera's purple haze issue.

So last night, the folks over at Saturday Night Live decided to address these complaints as only it knows how. You have to watch this hilarious clip from SNL's new episode called "Tech Talk: iPhone 5..."

iPhone 5 parody clip: “a taller change than expected”


One of the most noticeable and talked about features of the iPhone 5 is its new display. For the first time, Apple has made the handset's screen larger, bumping it up to right around 4-inches.

But in order to maintain usability, Apple only increased the height of the display, not the width. And this has spawned some criticism from the tech world, as well as this hilarious parody...

CollegeHumor does its version of the iPhone 5 event

Apple's media events, like the one for the iPhone 5 yesterday, have long been a source of fodder for parodies. They're both distinct and recognizable, which always makes for easy mockery material.

CollegeHumor is the latest contributor to the category, as it recently posted a new video called "Apple Coasting Keynote." In it, a Tim Cook-like character takes the stage and announces...nothing.


Apple’s patent war meets Star Trek in this parody video

Despite Apple's clear court victory last week, ultimately proving its theory that Samsung crossed the line with its iPhone and iPad copying, the Cupertino company is still taking heat from critics.

Some folks believe that Apple using its hefty library of patents to sue other companies will end up destroying innovation in smartphones. And, according to this video, the Starship Enterprise...

Watch this hilarious iPhone 5 parody spot

Though we are fairly confident that we know what the next iPhone will look like, there's no way to know all of its features and what it's capable of until Apple announces it next month.

But that didn't stop Adam Sacks from speculating. The artist has produced a familiar-looking parody of what he thinks the big feature of the iPhone 5 will be. And it's quite funny...

Conan O’Brien pokes fun at Apple-Samsung trial

With billions of dollars hanging in the balance, and both companies' reputations at stake, the Samsung-Apple trial is one of the most high-profile in history.

But you wouldn't know any of this unless you frequently visited tech sites, like iDB, or you happened to be watching tonight's episode of Conan O'Brien...

Martin Scorsese Siri ad gets the parody treatment

Last week, Apple started airing a new Siri commercial featuring the popular film director Martin Scorsese. The ad was the fourth in a string of celebrity spots focused on the digital assistant.

Unsurprisingly, a parody video has just been made to poke fun at the ad. You've seen "The Samuel L. Jackson ad you were hoping for." Now, here's "Scorsese's alternate iPhone commercial..."

Conan Mocks the Lost iPhone 5 Prototype

Apple's lost iPhone 5 prototype has been making the headlines as of late. The San Francisco police just launched an internal investigation into the scandal, and the prototype is still out there in the wild somewhere.

Funnyman Conan O'Brien has put together a parody Apple video about the lost iPhone prototype. Check it out...

Drunken Banned iPad Promo

We've seen the hilarious banned iPad promo video before. Now comes the drunken banned iPad promo. Just as funny, a bit more intoxicated. Enjoy.

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