Martin Scorsese Siri ad gets the parody treatment

Last week, Apple started airing a new Siri commercial featuring the popular film director Martin Scorsese. The ad was the fourth in a string of celebrity spots focused on the digital assistant.

Unsurprisingly, a parody video has just been made to poke fun at the ad. You’ve seen “The Samuel L. Jackson ad you were hoping for.” Now, here’s “Scorsese’s alternate iPhone commercial…”


Admittedly, this parody isn’t as funny as some of the other ones we’ve seen. But the message is pretty clear: Siri sucks. And this isn’t just being said by amateur mashup clips. It’s also being said by iPhone 4S owners who have filed class-action lawsuits due to their disappoint with digital assistant, and research analysts.

During WWDC this year, Apple announced that it was going to be rolling out a number of major updates to Siri this fall. Here’s hoping that holds true, as the competition is really starting to heat up.