CollegeHumor does its version of the iPhone 5 event

Apple’s media events, like the one for the iPhone 5 yesterday, have long been a source of fodder for parodies. They’re both distinct and recognizable, which always makes for easy mockery material.

CollegeHumor is the latest contributor to the category, as it recently posted a new video called “Apple Coasting Keynote.” In it, a Tim Cook-like character takes the stage and announces…nothing.


If you recognize the guy in the video, that’s because it’s actor Christopher McDonald. And you probably recognize him from such films as Happy Gilmore and Requiem for a Dream.

The video itself is pretty funny. I laughed when McDonald started going through his “sleep, family time, and golf” bit — a nod to Steve Jobs, and his epic iPhone keynote back in 2007.

What did you think of the clip?