Nighthawk emphasizes any jailbroken iPhone’s OLED display

Many of Apple’s latest handsets sport OLED display panels, which exhibit higher contrast ratios and deeper black colors when compared with older LCD display panels. If you’re fortunate enough to have a jailbreak on one of these devices, then there’s no doubt that you could take better advantage of your OLED display with the help of a modern jailbreak tweak.

Enter Nighthawk, a new release by iOS developer Dylan Duff that transforms many of iOS’ native blurred-background interfaces into OLED-friendly pitch-black masterpieces.

iPhone 11 Pro wallpapers: true black optimized for OLED

One of the few ways you can customize an iPhone and make it your own is to outfit it with awesome wallpapers! From there, the sky and your creativity truly are the limit. In order to help you in your creative endeavor we have put together a list of black OLED-optimized iPhone 11 Pro wallpapers. Taking advantage of the iPhone's OLED display, these wallpapers feature some very deep black or very dark colors to make the contrasting parts pop even more. 

True black and OLED optimized wallpapers for iPhone XS pack 2

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection aims to please. Back by popular demand, the following OLED iPhone wallpapers are perfect for the true black abilities of your iPhone X or iPhone XS. It is also predicted, the forthcoming 2019 iPhone devices will all include OLED screens to take advantage of these images. Grab these inky black wallpapers now.

True black and OLED-optimized wallpapers for iPhone XS

Our iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery is updated each Sunday with a fresh collection of images for your iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. Today's wallpaper selection is optimized for iPhone X or iPhone XS because these devices utilize an OLED screen. The following wallpapers offer a largely black canvas, causing the colorful portions to pop off the screen in contrast to the true black.

This new jailbreak tweak effectively hides your iPhone’s notch

The notch at the top of modern Face ID-enabled handsets such as the iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max is a non-issue to me, but some people can’t seem to wrap their minds around having anything besides a straight line integrated with the display’s edge.

If you identify with the latter group of people and your notched handset is jailbroken, then you’ll be excited to learn that you can now download a newly-released jailbreak tweak called SmallStatusBarX by iOS developer level3tjg to hide the notch and enable the legacy Status Bar on relevant handsets.

Lisa: A new OLED-friendly notification experience for iOS

Ever since Apple first debuted an OLED display on the iPhone X, users have been begging for a refreshed OLED-friendly Lock screen experience akin to what some might get when using competing Android handsets.

While Apple certainly hasn’t stepped up to the plate in this department, that hasn’t stopped the jailbreak community from doing what it does best. With that in mind, we’re excited to show you a new free jailbreak tweak release dubbed Lisa by iOS developerEsquilli.

Colorize the Twitter app however you like with TwitterDarkMode

Twitter’s official app supports a feature called Night Mode that can give the app a dark-colored makeover on demand; but compared to some other apps, this ‘dark mode’-esque feature leaves a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, iOS developer Chloeeisoaky recognized these shortcomings and responded to them with the release of a new free jailbreak tweak called TwitterDarkMode.