ShortLook jailbreak tweak goes free ahead of planned Dynastic Repo shutdown

Just under a week ago, the Dynastic Repo repository announced a planned shutdown that would occur sometime next year. Dynastic Repo also noted that it would roll out an archival program that would continue hosting existing tweaks and let users download those tweaks that are already hosted there. Free tweaks would be enrolled in the archival program automatically, while paid tweaks would either need to opt-in to it or move to another repository altogether.

The announcement also included an excerpt pertaining specifically to the popular paid ShortLook jailbreak tweak, which was created by several developers associated with Dynastic Repo including Ayden Panhuyzen, Jamie Bishop, and José Hernandez. Given the upcoming archival program, those developers decided that ShortLook would be made free inline with the upcoming changes. Interestingly enough, however, ShortLook went free much sooner than expected…

Indeed, it would seem that ShortLook is now available as a free download from the Dynastic Repo repository, a change that appears to have transpired over the long Labor Day weekend. This means that the previously priced-at-$3.99 add-on is now more readily available to anyone that would like to try it, including those who wouldn’t typically spend money on jailbroken device customizations.

In case you aren’t familiar with ShortLook, the tweak was launched back in 2018 with the sole purpose of being an OLED-friendly notification system. During that time, Apple had only recently released the iPhone X, which was the first iPhone to sport an OLED display. Since then, growing numbers of newer iPhones have adopted OLED display technology, which led to an explosive boom in demand for such tweaks.

ShortLook, which we covered in a dedicated review post at launch, brings your notifications front-and-center with a low-footprint glance-style aesthetic. Users may opt to display profile pictures associated with certain notifications, adjust the timeout period, configure what information gets displayed, and more via the provided settings.

Originally designed with iOS 11 in mind, ShortLook currently supports jailbroken installations of iOS 11, 12, 13, and 14, which means that it can be used even on modern handsets jailbroken with checkra1n, Taurine, or unc0ver. If you’re on one of these supported versions of iOS, and you’ve always wanted to give ShortLook a try, then this could be your golden opportunity.

As always, ShortLook is available as a free download from the Dynastic Repo repository via whichever package manager you might prefer, and should continue to be available via the archival program when Dynastic Repo shuts down next year.

Do you plan to download ShortLook while it’s available free of cost? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.