Glow is Elias Limneos’ take on an always-on display for jailbroken iPhones

Ever since Apple first started integrating OLED display on its iPhones, starting with the iPhone X in 2017, we’ve witnessed a steady increase in the number of jailbreak tweaks attempting to bring a true always-on display experience to the platform. One of the latest attempts comes by way of respected veteran tweak developer Elias Limneos and has been aptly named Glow.

Like other always-on display tweaks before it, Glow takes full advantage of the OLED display in Apple’s high-end handsets to express true darks for the background. It simultaneously displays pertinent details such as the date, time, and battery level, along an indicator to let you know whether you’ve got any missed notifications. Best of all, it does all of this while consuming as little power as possible.

Photon brings an ambient display to jailbroken iOS 13 devices

If you’ve got a jailbroken iOS 13 device at your disposal and you’re in the market for a really cool new display experience for your iPhone, then you should probably take a few minutes to check out this new jailbreak tweak release called Photon by iOS developer cemck.

Photon appears to be a true ambient display experience for the Lock screen on iOS 13 devices, and it displays pertinent information using a variety of different methods and in combination with existing popular Lock screen-centric tweaks such as Complications, Grupi, Jellyfish, Sylph, Xen HTML, and many others.

Luca Todesco teases checkra1n hacks on a T2-equipped MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

The checkra1n team is best known for its checkm8 bootrom exploit-based jailbreak tool for A9-A11 devices. But those closely following outspoken members of the team on Twitter, namely Luca Todesco (@qwertyoruiopz), likely took note of some particularly interesting teasers Tweeted Tuesday morning and afternoon.

A series of images shared by Todesco himself appear to depict checkra1n-centric hacks being deployed and displayed on a MacBook Pro’s OLED Touch Bar:

Dots 2 gives OLED-equipped iPhones an awesome new notification indicator

Ever since Apple first introduced an OLED display in its smartphone lineup, there’ve been countless jailbreak tweak releases attempting to take full advantage of it. From always-on displays, to revolutionary new notification indicators, there has been no shortage of innovation on this front.

The latest addition to the party is a newly released jailbreak tweak called Dots 2 by iOS developer Shyam Lad, and as depicted in the screenshot examples above, this tweak displays pulsating colorful dots for missed notifications at the top of an always-on pitch black display when the device is locked.

Tritium gives jailbroken iPhones always-on display functionality

Ever since the Apple Watch adopted an always-on display with the debut of the Series 5 model, I’ve wanted something similar for my iPhone. Although Apple offers seemingly no solution for such desires at this point in time, jailbreakers need not wait to enjoy what the features they want on the handsets they own.

Introducing Tritium, a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer LaughingQuoll that brings always-on display functionality to pwned handsets.

OLED space wallpapers optimized for iPhone

A popular category in our Wallpapers of the Week gallery, OLED space wallpapers make incredible additions to any discerning wallpaper collection. The true black images take full advantage of the iPhone's ability to turn off specific pixels, giving an absolute infinite contrast ratio on the OLED panel. Next to the completely black pixels, popping bright colors showcase the true range of the display. In the collection, download black images with this great contrast ability.

ScreenSafe protects your iPhone’s display from burn-in with screensavers

Handsets equipped with OLED displays are particularly adept at displaying high-contrast colors due to the true blacks they exhibit, especially when compared to handsets sporting traditional LCD displays. On the other hand, OLED displays are also notorious for screen burn-in issues, and that’s where screensavers come in.

Modern iPhones such as the iPhone X, XS, and 11 Pro (including their larger counterparts) come standard with OLED displays, and while Apple has already done plenty to mitigate screen burn-in with these devices, they haven’t yet adopted screensavers on the iOS platform. With that in mind, a new jailbreak tweak release called ScreenSafe by iOS developer Kushy comes off as particularly interesting.

Nighthawk emphasizes any jailbroken iPhone’s OLED display

Many of Apple’s latest handsets sport OLED display panels, which exhibit higher contrast ratios and deeper black colors when compared with older LCD display panels. If you’re fortunate enough to have a jailbreak on one of these devices, then there’s no doubt that you could take better advantage of your OLED display with the help of a modern jailbreak tweak.

Enter Nighthawk, a new release by iOS developer Dylan Duff that transforms many of iOS’ native blurred-background interfaces into OLED-friendly pitch-black masterpieces.

iPhone 11 Pro wallpapers: true black optimized for OLED

One of the few ways you can customize an iPhone and make it your own is to outfit it with awesome wallpapers! From there, the sky and your creativity truly are the limit. In order to help you in your creative endeavor we have put together a list of black OLED-optimized iPhone 11 Pro wallpapers. Taking advantage of the iPhone's OLED display, these wallpapers feature some very deep black or very dark colors to make the contrasting parts pop even more.