iPadOS includes support for USB mouse input

As predicted in previous reports, Apple has added support for USB mouse input to its iPad. The feature comes to the tablet by way of the new iPadOS, as an Assistive Touch feature tucked away in the Accessibility section of the Settings app.

How to make your Mac’s mouse cursor bigger

macOS provides a nifty little feature to make the cursor larger temporarily when you quickly move your finger on the trackpad or quickly move the mouse. If you’d like to permanently make the cursor bigger so that it’s easier to see, you can do that, too, as explained in this quick tutorial.

10 great mice under $20

Did you know that you could score a great computer mouse for under $20? Whether you’re looking for one without wires, or one built specifically for gaming, there are some good options for everyone in this seemingly limited price range.

For this accessory roundup, we attempted to track down the 10 best mice under $20. As usual, we looked at a variety of things when making our selections such as customer feedback, reviewer feedback, our own experience, and features.

How to disable inertial scrolling on your Mac

Also known as inertial scrolling, this feature made its way into Mac computers with a multi-touch trackpad or Magic Mouse. Since this behavior may not appeal to everyone, we’ve put together a tutorial to teach you how to disable inertial scrolling with just a few clicks.