“Pascal’s Wager” is the first iOS game to add support for both mouse and keyboard controls

“Pascal’s Wager”, an epic dark fantasy action RPG title for the iPhone and iPad, has been updated on the App Store with support for both mouse and keyboard controls. The game has become the very first iOS title to take full advantage of iPadOS 14’s expanded framework that brings full support for keyboard, mouse and trackpad interactions on the iPad.

The combination of keyboard and mouse controls results in a laptop-like experience when playing the game on an Apple tablet. Aside from keyboard/mouse control on iOS/iPadOS 14 and later, the update has added a new free mode, called “Obsession Challenge”, that has you racing players around the world in defeating bosses in the game. Other pieces of new content in the update include Viola’s outfit “Initiation Rite” and Benita’s outfit “Sleeping Beauty”.

You can read the full patch notes for this update on the official game website.

Reddit user u/AppleGamers has published a video showing off gameplay in “Pascal’s Wager” on an iPad using the newly-added mouse and keyboard controls.

Pascal’s Wager now supports keyboard/mouse control on iOS 14 and later from r/ipad

According to the App Store description, “Pascal’s Wager” is an action role playing game with the style of dark fantasy. It was featured during Apple’s September 2019 keynote with high visual fidelity, a soundtrack performed by an orchestra and a bunch of detailed characters.

From the developer description:

The game provides its players with top-notch picture quality and a feast for the senses that the mobile platform has never had before. In the game, the world is shrouded by dark mist, where light is dim and mysterious. People there become lunatic, and nobody knows the secrets behind that.

Players can play multiple characters to experience the strong storyline and reveal various hidden areas of the map. Along the way, they will fight unbelievable enemies, confront epic bosses, and embrace overwhelming death and truth. All the while, they’ll be engrossed by a magnificent soundtrack performed by a world-class orchestra.

“Pascal’s Wager” is currently discounted to $4.99 in the App Store.