InstaNotifyFilter hides extraneous in-app notifications from Instagram

If you frequently use the official Instagram app on your jailbroken iPhone, then you might have something to gain from using a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed InstaNotifyFilter by iOS developer midkin.

As you might have already inferred from the tweak’s name, InstaNotifyFilter filters some of the more extraneous notifications you might receive in the Instagram app, and citing the tweak’s description, it specifically targets the following:

TWSaveDM lets you save video files from direct messages in the Twitter app

Twitter’s direct messaging system lets you send and receive media, such as photos and videos. You can tap and hold on any photo file you receive to uncover save and share options, but the same can’t be said about video files.

If you’d like to change that about your Twitter direct messaging experience, then you might be interested in a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed TWSaveDM by iOS developer fahadaljuwausri. With this tweak, you can easily save any media file you receive in a Twitter-based direct message.

Social Downloader lets you download media from social networking apps

Chances are you'll see a photo or video you like as you peruse various social networking apps on your iPhone from time to time, but not all services will let you save them to your device.

A new jailbreak tweak called Social Downloader by iOS developer Elias will grant you access to saving just about any image or video from various social networking apps.

SaveBot lets you save videos from your timeline in Tweetbot

A good chunk of Twitter users use Tweetbot instead of the stock Twitter app because it has a unique appearance and a bevy of useful features. Nevertheless, some would say it could be better.

A new free jailbreak tweak called SaveBot by iOS developer iTheGentle expands upon Tweetbot’s functionality by empowering users with the ability to save videos directly from their timelines.

How to edit a post caption in Instagram

Edit Instagram post caption

Have you ever shared something to Instagram and then wished you could fix a typo or choice of wording in your caption, or perhaps you've shared something and completely forgot to add your caption or hashtags in the first place? You're not alone.

Instagram makes it possible for you to edit the captions of your photos and videos after they have already been posted to your profile. In this tutorial, we'll show you the steps required to do so.

How to change your Instagram username

Like with many social media services, Instagram lets you change your username at will. Your username is what everyone sees when viewing your account, and it's also what you use to log in from the web or the mobile app.

You might want to change your username whenever a better one comes to mind or when you desire to change the way you present yourself to the world. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can change your Instagram username on demand.

How to make your Instagram account private

By default, all Instagram accounts are open to the public, which means any other Instagram user can search for you and view your photos and videos without your permission.

If you want additional privacy and only want a select number of people to be able to see your photos and videos, then you have the option to make your account private.

We’ll show you how to do it in this tutorial.

NoClose prevents you from accidentally force-quitting apps that are currently playing media

Sometimes when force-quitting apps from your App Switcher, you end up closing an app that’s playing media in the background by accident. This forces you to re-open the app and re-play the song you were just listening to from the beginning... all over again.

If you do this quite often, then you probably have App Switcher OCD and are clearing your App Switcher more often than you need to, but that’s beside the point; a new free jailbreak tweak called NoClose by Skylerk99 can help prevent you from accidentally force-quitting apps that are playing media in the background by prompting you beforehand.

Mitsuha adds a wave animation to the Now Playing screen in the iOS 9 Music app

Although many people are using the Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak these days, some remained on iOS 9.3.3 with the Pangu jailbreak. If you’re one of these people, then you’ll be happy to know that developers are still making tweaks specifically for your firmware.

A new free jailbreak tweak called Mitsuha by c0ldra1n is just one example, and this tweak will improve the look and feel of your Music app by providing a sleek ‘Jell-O’ wave effect in the Now Playing interface any time music is playing.

MusicMark saves your place in the Music app when you respring or force-quit the app

When you’re in the middle of listening to media via Apple’s Music app and you end up having to force-quit the app or respring your device for any reason, you’ll notice that the app never remembers your place in the song when you get the Music app up and running again.

A new free jailbreak tweak called MusicMark by iOS developer Tony Kraft fixes this by forcing the Music app to remember your place in a song whenever you respring or force-quit the Music app, effectively allowing you to resume where you left off.

Photo Tools is an all-in-one customization tweak for the Photos app

Photos App Icon iOS

It feels like the Photos app continues to become more cluttered with features that everyday users really don’t even use in every major iteration of iOS. At least for me, I find myself really only ever using the Albums view in the Photos app to get to my most important stuff. I don’t ever really utilize the People or Places albums, nor do I ever use the Memories or Shared tabs.

For anyone who feels like they're in a similar boat and miss the simplicity of the Photos app as a simple album-based Photo Library viewer, a new free jailbreak tweak called Photo Tools by Justin Petkovic might be able to give you exactly what you’re looking for.