Dutch users gain iDEAL support for buying apps, media & subscriptions with local banks

iDEAL, an online payment service in The Netherlands, can now be used to top up your iTunes credit

As of recently, Dutch customers have been able to use the IDEAL payment method for Apple IDs to increase their balance through local banks in order to cover their app, media and subscription purchases with their iTunes credit instead of a credit or debit card.

Dutch blog iCulture.nl (Google Translate) explains that iDEAL does not cover any purchases directly—that is, the payment method does not charge bank accounts for individual purchases.

Customers instead authorize their own Dutch bank account for use with the iDEAL service in their Apple ID billing settings in order to top up their iTunes credit. In other words, customers in the Netherlands who don’t want to use plastic or PayPay in Apple’s content stores no longer have to buy iTunes gift cards to add some funds to a balance on their account.

iTunes credit can be used to cover the following purchases:

  • iPhone and iPad apps on App Store
  • Mac apps on Mac App Store
  • Music, movies, TV show, books and other media on iTunes Store
  • Apple Music subscriptions
  • iCloud storage upgrades
  • In-app subscriptions, like Netflix

iTunes credit does not work with Family Sharing.

Customers in the Netherlands can update their payment method by tapping their profile photo in the top-right corner of the App Store app, then their name. Select the option Payment Information, tap iDEAL and choose a desired bank to confirm the payment method.

All major Dutch banks are supported.

Tap Done to save the payment method. Go back to the previous screen and tap the option labeled Add Funds to Apple ID. Choose an amount, tap Next and then Buy.

You will be taken to the iDEAL interface for your selected bank. Log in with the appropriate Internet banking credentials or launch your bank’s mobile app to confirm the purchase.

The purchased balance is automatically added to your Apple ID.

Since iDeal is a Dutch-only service, we’re not expecting this handy new payment method for App Store, Mac App Store, iBooks Store and iTunes Store to be supported in other countries.

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