Apple posts Safari 7.0.4/6.1.4 with fixes for WebKit vulnerabilities

Following the release of OS X 10.9.3, iTunes 11.2 and the subsequent iTunes 11.2.1 update (which fixed the disappearing Users folder in OS X 10.9.3), Apple on Wednesday issued a pair of Safari updates for OS X Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks systems.

Both Safari 7.0.4 for OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 and Safari 6.1.4 for OS X Lion 10.7.5, OS X Lion Server 10.7.5 and OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 are now available with fixes for vulnerabilities found in WebKit, the browser's open-sourced rendering engine...

Online Apple Store now offering $20 OS X Lion and Mountain Lion redemption codes

Following the free OS X Mavericks release, Apple has removed the $19.99 Mountain Lion purchase from the Mac App Store. This has brought headache to owners of older Macs who were looking to upgrade their operating system to OS X Lion or Mountain Lion.

Apple typically keeps only the most current version of OS X on the Mac App Store. As a result, folks who want to purchase a copy of Lion, for example, are required to give Apple a phone call to get either a DVD or a content code via email which lets them download the installer through the Mac App Store.

The company has now made the process easier by selling the redemption codes through its online store...

Safari 6 hits Lion with Smart Search Field and Offline Reading List

Hot on the heels of the OS X Mountain Lion release that just hit Apple's servers an hour ago, Cupertino today unleashed Safari 6 for Lion, bringing some of Safari's features from Mountain Lion to Lion systems.

Most notably, Safari 6 now (finally!) features a unified field which acts as both the address bar and search field, akin to Chrome'c Omnibox. Also new is Offline Reading List, first introduced in iOS 6, which downloads entire webpages saved for reading later so you can access them when offline...

Swipe Safari brings OS X Lion inspired functionality to Mobile Safari

Meet the brand new Safari. No, Apple hasn't made any upgrades to Safari themselves, but you can gain a significantly better Safari browser right now by installing Swipe Safari – a new jailbreak tweak that just touched down on Cydia's BigBoss repo.

Swipe Safari promises to bring OS X Lion's Safari navigation to the small screen, along with a host of other improved options and abilities.

The question is, is it worth its $1.50 asking price? Take a look at our video walkthrough inside and judge for yourselves...

OS X Mountain Lion borrows heavily from iOS

Today Apple took the wraps off of OS X Mountain Lion (I know, we should have saw that one coming) and continuing with the movement started with its predecessor, OS X Lion, it borrows heavily from iOS.

In fact, you could say that OS X Lion's iOS implants were rather mild compared to what Mountain Lion plans to offer. Apple is obviously serious about completely combining the best elements of iOS directly into its desktop operating system, and no where is this more evident than with Mountain Lion.

Like times past, Apple has released a video teaser outlining various components of their upcoming OS X update. You're already aware of one of them — iMessage — but what are the others?

Apple releases public iMessage beta for OS X

Want to get your hands on the new iMessage beta — the iChat replacement that's coming with OS X Mountain Lion this summer? If so, you can do so now, as Apple has posted a public beta download for all to enjoy.

iMessage was one of the prominent features of iOS 5, and it allows users to chat across multiple devices using the same interface that's used for SMS messages.

The beauty about iMessage is that it's basically just an IM client, which means you incur no SMS fees. Now with this latest update, you can start and/or finish conversations on your desktop or laptop...

OS X Updated to 10.7.2, Now Supports iCloud

Apple is very busy this week, as is evident by their release of iOS 5,, iWork updates, new apps like Find My Friends, AirPort Utility, and more.

Just moments ago, Apple pushed out OS X Lion 10.7.2, which implements iCloud directly into OS X.

iCloud is Apple's flagship cloud service, which will allow you to push contacts, bookmarks, email, and more directly to all of your iOS devices wirelessly..

iMessage to Become Part of Mac OS X Lion’s iChat?

When iMessage was first announced by Apple way back in June, we all got very excited. The prospect of replacing SMS with something a little more 21st century appeals to us all, and getting rid of those ridiculous carrier charges is somewhat of a bonus.

What would really make iMessage stand out from most alternatives, and especially SMS, is the ability to send and receive messages from computers, as well as our iPads, iPod touches and iPhones. Currently, that's not possible, though as we've already made clear, other solutions already offer compelling alternatives.

New code discovered in OS X Lion's version of iChat suggests that iMessage may actually be coming to the desktop...

Apple Readying Moscone West For WWDC 2011

With Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference just a few days away, the Cupertino outfit has begun preparations by decking out its Moscone West venue with a large Apple logo. While the logo isn't yet complete - these people do have to eat and sleep apparently - we're sure everyone can see the finished article will show Apple's iconic logo cover two sides worth of windows...