Apple releases public iMessage beta for OS X

Want to get your hands on the new iMessage beta — the iChat replacement that’s coming with OS X Mountain Lion this summer? If so, you can do so now, as Apple has posted a public beta download for all to enjoy.

iMessage was one of the prominent features of iOS 5, and it allows users to chat across multiple devices using the same interface that’s used for SMS messages.

The beauty about iMessage is that it’s basically just an IM client, which means you incur no SMS fees. Now with this latest update, you can start and/or finish conversations on your desktop or laptop…

Head over to Apple’s iMessage beta download page, and score an OS X copy for yourself. Note: Be sure you’re running the latest version of OS X. We knew iMessage on the Mac was inevitable, but we’re ecstatic that it’s finally arrived. Be sure to let us know what you think about it.

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Also, we are aware that some users are receiving the following error when trying to download iMessage: “Our apologies but there was an unexpected error with the application. This problem has been noted, and an email has been sent to the administrators. Please check back in a few hours to try the download again.”

It looks like Apple’s servers may be maxed out, as clearing the cache, and trying another browser doesn’t seem to be working for people. Just be patient if you encounter this error, it should be up soon enough.