Swipe Safari brings OS X Lion inspired functionality to Mobile Safari

Meet the brand new Safari. No, Apple hasn’t made any upgrades to Safari themselves, but you can gain a significantly better Safari browser right now by installing Swipe Safari – a new jailbreak tweak that just touched down on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Swipe Safari promises to bring OS X Lion’s Safari navigation to the small screen, along with a host of other improved options and abilities.

The question is, is it worth its $1.50 asking price? Take a look at our video walkthrough inside and judge for yourselves…


If you’ve already invested in a tweak like FullScreen for Safari, then be sure to watch the video walkthrough closely. Although Swipe Safari replicates many of the features found in FullScreen for Safari, I believe enough differences exist that a person might prefer one tweak over another. Overall I think the incumbent sports more features and is more stable, but Swipe Safari has a cleaner interface.

Whatever you decide to do, both tweaks give you a significant upgrade over the stock Safari browser. Options like full screen mode, and quick navigation between tabs being some of the sorely missed features that these two tweaks accomodate for.

The main problem that I encountered with Swipe Safari was its stability. New tweaks are bound to have some bugs this early in the game, but the developer has been quick to push out updates to squash the issues.

Swipe Safari can be had for a limited time for $1.50. In a week it will rise 50% to its normal price of $3.00. That’s quite steep for a tweak of this nature, so if you’re going to pull the trigger, I suggest you do so before it hits $3.00. Otherwise, you can always get FullScreen for Safari at its more reasonable regular price of $2.19.

Which tweak do you prefer?

Update: Things just got a bit more interesting in the space, because FullScreen for Safari has been placed on sale for $1.49.